cyber_boyfriend (cyber_boyfriend) wrote in _chinese_stars,

EBAY: AS THE SUN SETS "Limited Summer" Demo, USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" CD, & INTERPOL demo

Unfortunately for me (fortunately for you!) the people that won these items from me flaked, so here they are again.

-AS THE SUN SETS "limited summer" tour CD demo from the tour w/ A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE just before ATSS became DAUGHTERS.
ONLY 200 of these exist!!!

-USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" hand-made CD. Glued, painted, and stamped with glitter. This is the only copy i've ever seen of this. A real humdinger!

-INTERPOL "Precipitate" self-released CD featuring GREG DRUDY from SAETIA on drums.

Thanks for looking!
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