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i wrote the following in my livejournal after one of the many chinese stars shows i have been too.

im obessed.

Face to face with destiny

Tonight i spent my time with good friends, dancing just as hard as ever for my favorite band. After an amazing set i made my happy way to the merch table. Their merch guy is a total sweet heart, i made my purschase; Pussy Pow Wow by mr. pottymouth.

Then in a matter of seconds the most poetic words were spoken to me! I Sabrina Hawk was given the offer to have my book signed by Eric Paul himself. I'm sure you can imagine my answer.. i wanted to scream YES YES YES! Regardless of my raging emotions i kept my cool.. i stayed cool calm and collective.. or some bullshit.

His steps towards me were just as human as anyone esles but i felt as though i was in the presence of a god! He asked my name and i flashed my belt buckle at him he smiled back at me, and scribbled "Sabrina, dream about me!" in my fresh book.

We continued on with a sweet conversation, his words fell softly like virgin snow, dressing every single last one of my full, lush Evergreen branches. Eric Paul ten years my elder stood in front of me like i was any one of his other friends. I soon found out that this heavenly god was a capricorn! Exciment once agian raced through my clamy body, i could have fainted. I , myself am a taurus and capricorns and tauruses are a good love match.

Okay i know what your all thinking " Sabrina please your crazy, please dont go and say your in love with a 27 year old singer from some band." ( who is balding and has quite the lil beer belly ) Sorry but i am!

Theres a connection there and i don't care what any of you say! Its there and its real!!! Hehehe and when i asked how old he thought i was he answer was 20..wishful thinking? When i told him i was just 17 he was shocked! God hes too fucking adorable<33

Well im going to see them agian on tuesday.. in boston. Eric is putting me on the guestlist! How fabolous is that? VERY! and i got free panties!!

Seriously im the happiest girl in the whole entire world right now!!

<3 Sabrina Paul

* yup im creepy
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