April 3rd, 2005

wheres my nose?

new member

hey i'm actually really glad to see that there is a chinese stars lj community

i find it really hard to find people who <3 the music as much as i do
so far i've seen them @

~knitting factory w/mae shi <~my fav show so far, they actually were the main band that nite so they played a full set!!!
~the echo w/hella and numbers

hmm sooo good sooo good!!!
so yeah i'm from the san fernando valley area (CA)
add me if u'd like!!!

hope to be seein people at sum shows

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I just joined this because my girll sabrina [dearlyforgotten] is here. and i noticed its all west coast kids so we need a little hometown lovin. [yeah i really have no ideanwhat im blabbing about]

my name is jessica katherine and im in love with larry the merch guy, sweetest man anyone will ever meet. hands down.

<3 s^