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Shows in May!

You lucky folks on the East Coast get three shows by the guys in May:
May 4 - Providence, RI at Redrum
May 11 - Brooklyn, NY at Northsix
May 19 - Providence, RI at The Century Lounge w/ Year Future
May 26 - Boston, MA at Middle East (downstairs) "Paper"
Keep checking here for more information.
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central park.

Some new tour dates.

Here are some new dates for the Midwest and East Coast (taken from http://www.thechinesestars.com) ***CHANGES MADE***:

10-27 Providence, RI at Kevin & May 4 Eva w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-28 Montreal, QC at El Salon w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-29 Toronto, ON at X space w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-30 Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-31 Bloomington, IL at Pool Party w/ Mahi/Mahi
11-1 Detroit, MI at Lager House w/ Mahi Mahi
11-2 Toledo, OH at Masonic Temple w/ Mahi/Mahi (early show 6 pm)
11-3 Purchase, NY at Purchase College w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-4 Baltimore, MD at The Otto Bar w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-5 New York, NY at The Delancey w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-6 New Brunswick, NJ at 35 Plum St. w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
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Battle of the Bands

ANALLY ABORTED FETUS [feat. Snatch Maggot on guest guitar]
+ 7 more bands (metal,hxc,grind,etc)
@ The Larchmont
THIS SUNDAY! SEPT 18 @ starts 5:00 PM
5657 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038

www.sugarlight prodctions.com

THIS IS MY FIRST SHOW! EVER! Get your tickets off me so i can sell the most & get a good time slot [and cause its 10 at the door]! and cum root for me cause winner is judged by the audience applause. please come show some fucking support!!@ :D


EBAY: AS THE SUN SETS "Limited Summer" Demo, USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" CD, & INTERPOL demo


Unfortunately for me (fortunately for you!) the people that won these items from me flaked, so here they are again.

-AS THE SUN SETS "limited summer" tour CD demo from the tour w/ A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE just before ATSS became DAUGHTERS.
ONLY 200 of these exist!!!

-USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" hand-made CD. Glued, painted, and stamped with glitter. This is the only copy i've ever seen of this. A real humdinger!

-INTERPOL "Precipitate" self-released CD featuring GREG DRUDY from SAETIA on drums.

Thanks for looking!


As The Sun sets "Limited Summer" Demo, OFF MINOR DEMO, Original tour shirts from ORCHID, JEROMES DREAM, THE VIDA BLUE, LOCUST MIRROR COMPACT, and USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breath" CD!!! CLICK (for bandit)!