I as wending now. (brightnessvoid) wrote in _chickenscratch,
I as wending now.


Dear Scratchers,

     I too am one of the world of reform,
I come as child of question, and assume
along this trial I am to be interrogated
as if an alien of dangerous suspicion.
I will hereby take all open criticism.

    Secondly, I am in transition!
Trying, as I am here being tried, to
form austere regements,
and I took this environment as a place
for that advancing constuction of my everday.
You can find my current folly, and I'll
fill your find as fully.


 Saliviany Correstol

P.S. The submission of works that follow
have been completed within the past
three months and vary in style, I am in hope
they suit your required assorted conjecture.

I wanted to write this down,
Before the winter left also.

my breath leaves.
lost after the conductor
reversed the vacuum direction.
blowing away, gentle sway
simple snowflakes.

O' what to write;
"my breath leaves,
currents the long walk
to where my breath went."

i came to return --memory of prose.
its lovely that the stranger could
mail their heart in an envelope.
the length of table is the world
but could not fail in separation.
love through wires needy one.

How I've come to know
the birds, bees, and wolves.

    I say what those critics let come
out of their mouth is saliva.

    There can never be too much
wordplay before intercourse.

(First piece from the collection:
Fresh Visages Picked From
the Garden.)


    a friend once pushed me into
the understanding of her being.

(we never were involved, besides platonically.)
    this was the formed person she was.

she said that she studied naked in
    her room.                 
                                  im naked right now
writing this account of my stream.
    with reintroduced technique
    of classical doggerel verse

    I think this is why we were such fond friends.

or maybe because i pictured megan nude,
    and enjoyed the idea.
yes, the stained glass ceilings
willfully filling the interior as candles
in the storm. you see, you should not
settle for the faces at the bottom of the base
-ment. where you can look
and stare stuck
in the stones that are the busy
everyday. you question how they cant see
or simply find a place for the design
in their vessels. but you shouldn’t press upon
your self in a negative sense. its not
either of your doings. you felt, and explored
the acquisition of floral.
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