Josh (uy_lance) wrote in _chickenscratch,

The Meteor

I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it once more: I'm not a poet. However, I was required to write a poem for my War Poetry class, and this is what came out. We were told to write something about war or similar. After the poem I'll write what this is about (under a cut) but I'd like your ideas without the knowledge of what it was before. This is due next week and I'm not at all excited.

The Meteor

When once the eagles flew
and fell, turned
to flames as shot stars without a wish,
meteor pinions trailed on
comets' tails, pierced through--and
out again--
on updrafts,
with feeble wings spread, soaring--
                                               the ground,

those land-locked lucky few
looked to the sky
devoid of stars and found
buried among the
rubble, six feet beneath
                                               their upturned glances.

For me, this is about 9/11. But poetry is particularly subjective, so I would assume that no one else thinks that. The "meteor" in here is used in the old poetic sense, as a "herald" of something (in this case, the meteor of 9/11 is the herald of war). Birds are planes, etc. etc.


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