dave (thedorkygirl) wrote in _chickenscratch,

I can still post here, right? I wasn't deleted?

So what happened was that my grandmother accidentally deleted all of my computer files, and my writing went poof, and I got really depressed. In August. Yeah, it's taken me that long to mourn my writing. I didn't even write in my LJ all that much, which is partially why I wasn't here. *pets lost words*

But I'm writing again! Don't laugh, it's fic, but it's helping me get back in the groove. Sorta. I'm intentionally writing out of my comfort zone with style, point of view, tense, and pairing. It makes me work harder.

Found this on something I'd printed right before the Big Wipe-out.

ex between six people is confusing
crushing ecstasy in the fruit barrels.
later, with us standing taller and straight,
we might perform the more obvious moves,
but instead we'll add whipping to our cream.
Creamy fruit, cold, chilled in the nightling dusk,
brings virgin blushes across the peaches.
"Like drawing blood," somebody once whispered.


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