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This is our new community where we basically do a little bit of everything. You do not need to ask to be added, jus simply click the 'join community' link at the top of the page. Simple, right? This community was created and is maintained by kinz_14 and kate_15. Don't let the name fool you, we do more then jus cherry stuff! ;)


Since no one has followed the rules of joining, I'm jus gonna say click the link that says join community at the top of this page. Then you'll be apart of the community.


1.Credit is an absolute must !! We cannot stress this enough! It will get you banned! Wouldn't you hate it if you made something and someone took it and posted it as their own? For Icons - Credit in Keywords Anything Else, user info is fine. Credit in journal entries is not acceptable!

2.Please, comment on entries of what you are taking. It lets us know what you're taking, and tells us what you like and we know what to make more of.

3.These graphics are to be used for LIVEJOURNAL ONLY !! No Greatest Journal, Xanga, etc. No exceptions, unless you ask and we approve.

4.Upload things to your own server. NO direct linking! NONE! EVER! It really messes things up. DON'T DO IT!

5.Don't go and give our things to other people outside this community. If they want our things, tell them they can come and join and get it themselves.

6.Please, do not use our graphics anywhere, except for your own personal use. That means don't redistrubute them or pass them off as your own.

7.You must add the community to your friends list, because most people will join a community and not even bother to check it if it's not on their friend's page.

8.You MUST post as friends only. If you fail to do this, your entry will be deleted.

9.Do not change or customize our stuff without permission! If you want that done, ask, and we'll do it for you. The only thing you can modify is bases/blanks ( if we post them ) But you still have to credit for the base(s)/blank(s) you use.

10.When we see a request post, either one of us fill it out. If you'd like a specific individual to fill your request, please specify either kinz_14 or kate_15.


None yet!

Wanna be one? Comment on the first entry, or email us at miss.kait.15@hotmail.com or kinzhall@hotmail.com

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