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Yes, We Do Requests. [entries|friends|calendar]
.::Kinz :: Kait::.


Hi & welcome to Cherryxlicious. We are a graphics request community.
We aren't new, but we aren't old. So take a look, and make sure
you've read the rules, then click here to join.
Graphics We Do:

-Glitter Signatures
-Pixel Texts
-Happy Bunny Signs
-Banners (Personalized or Not)
-Buttons (Linked or Unlinked)

If you have any suggestions, feel free
to make an update telling us about a graphic
or giving an example to follow.
We'll try to do it, but if not,
we'll suggest another community you could
get it at. Please, keep in mind we do NOT
do layout requests! You Will be banned if you
dare make a request for a layout!
Contact Info:
MOD 1 Aim
MOD 2 Aim

Layout Credit:

Layout by kinz_14. Otherwise known as Kinsey, which is one of your mods. Let me tell you, this was the hardest layout I've ever coded in my life. You think its easy? I'd like to see you even get half as far as I did. I spent almost 6 back-breaking days on this layout. I coded this layout from scratch. That means I had no base codes to work with. Hard core html. There is no way in hell I will tolerate anyone
stealing this layout. I worked way too hard, bitches. This layout was coded in notepad. It features a blend customly made by me. Pictures from here.[sxc.hu] All images & codes were made by ME. Fonts used: LainDay SH, 04b_24, blackjack, verdana.

1.Credit is an absolute must !! We cannot stress this enough! It will get you banned! Wouldn't you hate it if you made something and someone took it and posted it as their own? For Icons - Credit in Keywords Anything Else, user info is fine. Credit in journal entries is not acceptable!
2.Please, comment on entries of what you are taking. It lets us know what you're taking, and tells us what you like and we know what to make more of
3.These graphics are to be used for LIVEJOURNAL ONLY !! No Greatest Journal, Xanga, etc. No exceptions, unless you ask and we approve
4.Upload things to your own server. NO direct linking! NONE! EVER! It really messes things up. DON'T DO IT!
5.Don't go and give our things to other people outside this community. If they want our things, tell them they can come and join and get it themselves
6.Please, do not use our graphics anywhere, except for your own personal use. That means don't redistrubute them or pass them off as your own and especially NO CUSTOMIZATION
7.Do NOT request a layout or ask us to copy someone else's layout. You will be banned without warning
8.You MUST post as friends only. If you fail to do this, your entry will be deleted.
9.Do not change or customize our stuff without permission! If you want that done, ask, and we'll do it for you. The only thing you can modify is bases/blanks ( if we post them ) But you still have to credit for the base(s)/blank(s) you use
10.When we see a request post, either one of us fill it out. If you'd like a specific individual to fill your request, please specify either or .
Other Information:

We aren't currently looking for mods. Magazine covers will
Start in 2006 or earlier. Request forms are currently not available,
So post with very specific information. If the information isn't clear
enough, we'll comment on your post to give us other required info
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x. Welcome !! .x [Friday
February 11th, 2005 @ 7:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hiya, and welcome to _cherryxlicious !!
I've decided that I want everyone to post a comment on this entry to be added. It lets us know that you actually looked at this page. And please, add this community to your friend's list/page. And also, before you join, or right after, read the rules! Thanks Lots!

Anyway, this Community is Friends Only. So you must be a member to see the entrys....If the entrys don't come up major-pronto as soon as you join, it's not our fault. Lj is slow like that. All I can tell you is to wait bout 5 mins. and refresh your browser.

Hope You Decide To Join!

mL ♥ Kait 'N Kinz
35 are cherryxlicious

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