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Okie Dokie you guys! I promised my mum i would make her a really yummy best cheesecake. Im relying on you guys to throw over to me a really great recipe :) I cook alot so im ok with any difficulty :)
By the way im Marina from Australia and i can't seem to find a dead killer recipe. So please you guys, if it is no trouble please pass on a recipe to me :) I promise to eat half of it with the other half for my mum.
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Oh and thanks
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Cheesecake favorites

Do you prefer to make your own cheesecake or do you buy it? If so, which do you like most (which recipe or type?). I was just wondering what other cheesecake fans do...
I've only tried to make cheesecake once, and that didn't go very well as I was told the amounts of ingredients wrong...
I tend to buy my cheesecake from Sainsburys (UK) - I like the 'American style Vanilla cheesecake' the best so far... as to why they call it American, I'm not sure - what is the difference between American cheesecake and any other cheesecake? Any ideas?


OK so by chance I found this community, its fate.
Im thinking i should go buy a springform pan and some supplies.
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I made chocolate raspberry truffle cheesepie today, and I took pictures of the finished product:

chocolate raspberry truffle cheesepieCollapse )

Tomorrow night I plan on making puttysan's chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, and I'm taking them both to my grandmother's house in Washington, DC.

My mom just bought some springform pans last week, and I've been making cheesecake like crazy.

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so much cheesecake!

I went to the Cheesecake Factory with lieslweapon, yesterday! I was so excited because I'd never been before. We went for lunch, and I had a grilled shrimp and bacon club with french fries.

I know you don't want to hear about that, though.

My mom got the raspberry lemon cream cheesecake, which was delicous, and I bought a slice of the oreo cheesecake, which is one of the best cheescakes I have ever tasted.

Winter break just seems to be filled with cheesecake. The day before I left school, I was given a cheesecake by the cooks at work, then I made a pumpkin cheesecake for lieslweapon's surprise party, to which shiaar brought two more cheesecakes.

For christmas, I'm making the chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, which I've posted in an earlier entry.

cheesecake is the greatest cullinary invention known to man
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