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I go to school in San Antonio, but my roommate and I are both from Allen, which is north of Dallas. We get soo excited when we watch Cheaters because we see things from home. We'll be watching it with someone and they'll show like the bowling alley in Plano and we jump off the couch screaming "I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!! IVE BEEN THERE!!!" our friends just kind of look at us. But its exciting. Ah, Cheaters. It's good to see the homeland every once in awhile. We call it watching our "Trash TV." But its so great.

I think I loved the episode where the wife confronted her husband and he like just took off running and they were chasing him, and then he just sat in his truck with the window cracked. He looked sooo dumb while running away. I felt bad for the wife though, she had kids, (and as usual, was a rather large woman) and I just felt bad for her. Dirty bastered...deserved to get caught.
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SO here's my Cheaters drinking game:

Drink unless otherwise stated

-Joey floats on or off screen
-Pun on suspects job
-Everytime you see a heart in foregroud
-Everytime suspect or companion's identity is witheld
-Sexual activity= shot
-Everytime suspect's companion meets suspect at client's house= shot
-Everytime there's a fight= drink until it's over or do a shot
-Everytime there's computer text on screen
-Everytime Tommy or Joey swoops in on a client
-Everytime Cheater and companion speeds off
-Everytime Cheater complains about show invading privacy
-Everytime Cheater praises show
-Everytime suspect's companion is larger than client
-Everytime suspect goes with client

At the end, when credits are rolling, when the address to write to Cheaters comes up, everyone shouts "LOVER'S LANE" and the last to shout does a shot
When Bobby Goldstien productions comes up, and Karen yells "WHAT?!", everyone playing should also yell "What?!" and take a drink.

the end


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So, I recently saw the episode where Joey Greco gets stabbed...

I feel so complete. Joey is a tough mo'fo'.

I adore Joey.

Does anyone know if they're still doing episodes of Cheaters?
My friends and I have made a drinking game for Cheaters... it's great
I'll post it if people are interested.

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Did anyone see the episode of Cheaters recently where Joey picks up his little cell phone while this sad sap is standing next to him and says something to the effect of "What do you have for me from the chopper?"


As in HELICOPTER! A new weapon in the Cheater's arsenal!

It was hilarious. I am so happy the Cheaters is going high tech.

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*steps onto the screen*

I'm really upset that they've stopped playing episodes where Joey does the confrontation. As happy as I am that Joey Greco still has a role, I miss him in the field where he does the most damage. Usually everytime he does a confrontation someone pulls a taser, gun, knife, etc. on Joey. How can we get Joey back on the air!?

*steps off screen*
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I refuse to believe that this community is dead!

Okay, I watched the show for the first time in ages last night.

1. As a suspect cheater left a liquor store with a bottle in a brown bag, Joey's narration went like this: "Here we can see (bleeped out name) leaving the liquor store, where he purchased a beverage or a refreshment."

2. The first confrontation took place in a totally empty apartment which looked suspiciously like a show or model apartment. Hotel art and everything. A couch and empty shelves, that was it. I have the feeling that nothing I saw last night was unscripted.

Carry on.

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Joey Greco gets on my nerves. He does not know how to deal with a situation, and I think when the cheater is caught and confronted his questionings is very lame.

New here

My wife and I both watch Cheaters religiously every Saturday night as this town is pretty dead and there's very little else to do.
It's only on from 9 PM to 11 PM on Saturday, and the 9 to 10 show is usually a Joey Greco show with the 10 to 11 show being a Tommy Grand one.
My favorite episode is when Joey Greco got stabbed...I laughed my ass off at that!
I really like how both of them try to swoop on the women in the hopes of getting rebound sex...or so it seems :P
Just thought I'd post this poll to see how others felt about both of these masters of suaveness.
Poll #295308 Who's better?

Between Joey Greco and Tommy Grand, who do you like more?

Tommy Grand
Joey Greco
Equally like both
Both are terrible
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