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Love and Marriage

Why do people have to get married to be in "love"? If these people getting married were all in love, then why is the divorce rate so high? The only reason people get married is to feel secure, and im not saying that it is wrong to try to feel secure, but should you do it at the expense of other peoples feelings? Is that right? That is why, to me, marriage means absolutely nothing. Sure, marriage would be great if it was actually between two people in love, but most of the time it's not. You can never tell when your in love, the only time is when you die and the "special" someone is right next to you, and you know they are there becuase they want to be there, not becuase the feel obligated to be there, that is the only time you know when two people are in love. All marriage does for you, besides the sense of security, is make someone fell obligated to do something. Call me crazy but i would never want anybody to do anything for me if they didn't want to. I would never want anyone to do something just cause they feel obligated. Love is something that you want not something that is enforced upon you by this "holy matromony". Don't be decieved, the other percentage of people that don't get divorced aren't in love. Love is almost is almost impossible to obtain, you can't just walk out the door and look left and right and even get close to seeing love. There are some lucky people who may have been in love, but it isn't anywhere close to what the successful marriage statistics tell us. I may be wrong, you may say "andrew you are to harsh on the word love, its not that hard to find", if so then i dont' want to work hard to obtain it, I mean if it is not special then I don't want it, and it has no appeal to me. I believe in what the word "love" represents but I don't believe in "love" the way everyone else describes it, no that is called lust. Maybe everyone else is smarter than me and has realized that true love can not be described in words so they use the word "love" as something less. If that is true I just wasted a lot of time trying to explain the unexplainable. I think that true love can only be obtained through a life long friendship, that is made into a sexual relationship, but only after TRUE LOVE has came. Until then I want to have just a sexual relationship with people I know I wont ever be in love with. Then when I fall in love with that one person, then that is when the sex will do something other than physical pleasure. That is what will make my sex with someone I love special. I don't have to fool myself and say it wont be special if I have sex now. It wont make any difference how many chicks I have sex with, but the first time with my TRUE LOVE will be uber special, and indescribable. Thanks for reading this long useless garbage ^_^.
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