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Love and Sex

Why is love and sex associated with one another so much? Why isn't anything else associated with love more? Why is sex such a big deal to everyone? I think that sex shouldn't be associated with love as much as it is. I think kissing should be more associated with love than sex. The reason is this: Sex is a natural instinct of humans, kissing on the other hand isn't. Why isn't kissing the one that is associated with love? What is with abstinance also? I mean I get why some people do it, but most have no reason exept that someone told them it was the wrong thing. So why can't friends have sex with one another without making things wierd? The answer is cause people think that love goes hand in hand with sex, wich a close friend you could also love maybe even more than sexual partner. Who ever reads this is prolly never gonna want to go out with me for fear of cheating and deception, but I say this "I have never cheated on a girl that I liked, and plan for it to stay that way". I'm not saying that im perfectly without self-deciete and propaganda, but im on the road to becoming that way, wich is good enough for me. Ya I would probably subconsiously associate sex with love, but are instincts tell us to have sex. Back when we were neandrathals the chicks would have no say in wich man the would have sex with or how many times. Now we put all our love into a sexual relationship, which is much more dangerous then putting all your love in a deep friendship. I say go with the friends, if you are friends with the person you are having sex with on a totally equal level then you are far luckier than most on this planet. Have I made my point? Is anyone confused? If so then comment.

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