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Chanteuse icons

journal for icons of female vocalists

Chanteuse Icons
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Entry: singer
Function: noun
Synonyms: accompanist, artist, artiste, canary, chanter, chanteuse, choralist, chorister, crooner, diva, groaner, intoner, melodist, minstrel, musician, nightingale, serenader, soloist, songbird, songster, troubadour, vocalist, voice, warbler, yodeler
Concept: performing entity

This is an icon community dedicated just to icons of female singers.

Some rules:
1)ONLY icons of female musicians (no males, no actresses...just female musicians)Colorbars, Friends-only banners, layouts, and desktops are perfectly ok too as long as they are of female singers.
2)I personally don't ever require credit for my icons, however, if someone asks for credit please try to be polite and follow their requirements. It keeps things more civil that way.
3)Always Always comment when you take icons from someone's post. While credit may be optional depending on the icon makers rules, commenting is always a good idea because it lets them know you like their work, and also, i know for me it helps me know what people like and dont like. If there is a certain singer that gets a lot of comments, I will be more likely to make more of her in the future...so comments are useful to icon makers...they help us feel appreciated. :)
4)any more than 6 icons should be behind an lj cut. If you don't know how to use a cut, please read the lj FAQ
5)No unrelated posts. You must post icons or icon requests, or other posts related to community content. No Promoting of Other communities here. If you are posting icons, you may mention that you have "x-posted" or "cross-posted" them somewhere else, but a post dedicated entirely to promoting something else will be deleted without warning.
6)Be polite to fellow community members. (please keep credit wars outside of the community)
7) If you link back to your own journal for other members to see the rest of your icons, please only advertise the icons involving female singers/musicians. By this I mean if you post a mixed bunch in your lj featuring a few icons of Madonna for example, please don't title your post with a list of all the other subjects you posted too, and please don't include samples of other things in your post. If everyone started to post mixed batches that just happen to include female singers/musicians then the reason for this community to focus around them won't exist and this will turn into just another random icon community.