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Samurai Champloo

..shut your mouth and just join us..

the samurai champloo community
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Welcome to _champloo! A Samurai Champloo Community!

Yo! You've reached the first ever LiveJournal community that is dedicated to the newest anime sensation from the folks who brought us Cowboy Bebop: SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!! For those of you who haven't seen it, it's an oldern day Japan samurai anime, but with a hip-hop twist. It might sound odd/lame, but it's impressed a lot of people so far, even people who disliked Bebop and Hip-Hop xD

For those of you who have seen it, please feel free to join us! You're more than welcome to post Samurai Champloo news, media, live journal icons, mp3's or just about everything related to the series! We'll even let you post fanart, fanfics and slash, if you're so inclined ;Þ

Your friendly neighbourhood yojimbo's will be akagaminosteven and myself, bleakharvest. So if you're having problems with the community, feel free to drop us a line. In the mean time, here are the rules for this community:

[×] ___To put it simply, NO FLAMING! This community is for people who enjoy the series, not haters who want to complain!
[×] ___Show some respect towards anyone who posts here. Everyone has an opinion, just put yours across maturely!
[×] ___Anything that is posted must be related to Samurai Champloo in some way or another. We will literally allow everything you can think of posting so long as it's about the anime.
[×] ___Remember, lj-cut is your friend! Any huge pictures should be places inside an lj-cut tag. Please contact one of the moderators if you're unsure what to do.
[×] ___Even though this series has been licenced, torrent information is accepted.
[×] ___However, you have to make any torrent links a "Friends Only" post.
[×] ___Now we've had a huge number of people join, no intro posts will be allowed from now on.
[×] ___This is the most important rule: Have fun!