Amazing Vid

A friend of mine made the most amazing little AMV for SamCham, using the Schoolhouse Rock song "Three: The Magic Number." It's truly amazing: funny and touching, just like the anime.


It's one of a bunch of videos under the same youtube user, SplerbVeebley, where the whole family loves SamCham and makes videos, from the dad (who made The Magic Number) to teen daughters (see especially Grace Kelly) to the 10 and 11 year-old kids (Weird Al songs). It's so awesome to have the whole family SamCham jammin' together!


AMV fever

Yes, I got the bug to make absurd little SamCham fanvideos and put them up at YouTube. I have no previous experience, just eagerness and a sense of humor. With that caveat, peek if curiosity strikes. If you can only find the patience to watch one, see #3.

1. A less-than-half minute snipped of Mugen hotness to Tokio Hotel's "Schrei."


2. A whopping 14 seconds of episode 6 accompanied by Stephen Sondheim's Big Bad Wolf song "Hello Little Girl" to show Fuu can EAT!


3. Jin the Gigolo: 46 seconds of tasty Jin moments from episode 8 set to an excerpt from Louis Armstrong's version of "Just a Gigolo":


My not-mad skillz are improving slowly, and I hope the brevity and wit carry me through!

gorillaz - wave


artist: thepinkrabbit
media: wacom tablet and PS7
fandom: Death Note, FFVII: Advent Children, Gravitation, Kuroshitsuji, Samurai Champloo and Bleach
characters / pairing: Beyond Birthday, Near, Matt, Yazoo, Reno, Shindou Shuichi, Grell Sutcliffe, Mugen and Ayasegawa Yumichika
rating: innocent
warnings: cuteness!!!
notes: all drawn for my beloved riandarcy's birthday ♥♥♥
disclaimer: anything Death Note, FFVII: Advent Children, Gravitation, Kuroshitsuji, Samurai Champloo and Bleach is not mine. don't sue, plz.

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Ya Know

I get it. Samurai Champloo fandom ain't what it was back in the day (aka when it was on Cartoon Network), and lots of fanfic writers have "moved on" to other fandoms.

But we still love it, don't we? And even if it's not our "first" fandom, we love it, don't we? ^_^

With optimism and fangirlism, furousha and I have started samchamjam, an adult contest comm with witty prompts and low word counts on a biweekly basis. We're happy to have peeps we know and some we are just meeting join in the writing and reading.

But we know there's more of us out there with the desire to revisit the hottest, hippest anime ever in a contest comm format.

Join us...if for no other reason than to keep our friends from saying "dead fandom; told ya so."

Feel free to repost the info and pimp us on your f-list.