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Help Wanted!

I checked on the info page and saw nothing that said I couldn't post something to this effect, so hopefully I won't get my butt handed to me on a platter. :3


I run a group called The Unholy Trinity Mafia -- I'm sure some of you know that.. some of you don't. Either way, I wanted to post up that I'm currently looking for some help in getting more Samurai Champloo doujinshis released. Please note, these are yaoi based stories between Jin and Mugen. I'll be posting raws of the pieces in question and I am pretty easy going about people who want to work on single issue designs. For more info on the raws, please read about our Y!Group.

What are we looking for you ask? Well, we currently have no Samurai Champloo translator and right now, most of the editors for the group are not familiar with the fandom. As well, we have a major shortage of typesetters for all of our fandoms. So I am particularly looking for folks to help with these things. I have a huge abundance of Samurai Champloo doujinshi that I would like to release.. but I can't do so without a translator that follows the fandom. If you're unsure as to what an editor does, or a typesetter, or qc'er, etc. Please visit our community posting that breaks down everything for you. I am always looking for every position, but for this particular fandom, I'm particularly looking for these three positions.

Thanks so much for your time! I apologize in advance if this post is offensive to anyone. I'd just really like to bring more Samurai Champloo works to the community. ^_^

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Samurai Champloo Fic Explosion Challenge 2010!

Given our love of Samurai Champloo and the slow participation at the samchamjam since the holidays, My co-mod, salomesensei, and I have decided to shake things up! We offer an explosively awesome challenge for the next four months (February-May). Rather than weekly challenges, votes, and winners, we offer you the thrill of challenging yourself!

We have a list of 15 prompts for which we encourage you to write one fic (of any length) each. You may make each fic unique—it's own rating, genre, style, tone, character focus, etc. Or you may link them, building a narrative, a saga, an epic! Whatever turns you on. Write them in any order or stick to the order of the list, and there are several alternate prompts if there are a few you don't like or if you want a few more.

So come join us at samchamjam if you haven't already!
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Looking for Samurai Champloo roleplayers!

Hi everyone, we are looking for some Samurai Champloo roleplayers who might be interested in RPing Jin, Mugen, or Fuu in our game.

As Kannagara is set in an ancient world that looks a lot like ancient Japan, Samurai Champloo would be a really great fit!

The game will be restarting on January 31st and reserves are now open.

Kannagara is a panfandom game set in the ancient, mystical realm of the Shinto gods, where dreams and gods collide. Your character will have the ability to not only experience the dreams of other characters, but can also experience their worlds. As the world of Kannagara is a fluidly changing microcosm, from time to time, it will slide between different panfandom worlds. One week, your character will be in Kannagara. The next, they might be in any other panfandom world.

Your character will find themself in a dimension that exists within the realm of the gods. The gods are unhappy with the state of humanity and have brought your character from any point within their canon into this world with the intent to teach your character a lesson about harmony. However, even the gods have a history of struggle with harmony -- wars have been fought, oppressions have occurred, and unjust actions have led to the fall and even deaths of some gods.

Your character will be arriving in a world caught between two opposing classes of deities: the ruling deities of the Celestial Plains, and the fallen gods and oni of Yomi. As your character struggles to understand why they have arrived in this world, they will find themselves caught -- and even torn -- between the two opposing forces that control the sacred space of Kannagara.

And when they dream, the world will dream with them.



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S e i k a t s u H i g h
So there’s a high school, with teachers, students, principals, dances, drama; pretty much normal and annoying, except for one thing, students are disappearing, slowly, one by one. It’s like they were never here in the first place. And I think it’s strange that no one can say what happened to all those who are disappearing. Out of the entire school, someone knows something, they have to, and from the looks of it they aren’t going to talk anytime soon. It’s an academy school, you know, where your parents send you when they don’t want to see your face anymore; year round. Most of the people here are pretty intelligent, but then you get the occasional idiot that makes you wonder-- how the hell did they pass the entrance exam? You also have a variety of clubs. There’s the chess club, math club, track, basketball, foot ball, tennis, cheerleading, and card tournaments, for those of you that want to sit around and participate in that sort of game. Oh and don't think about trying to leave the campus without a pass from administration. The last guy who tried to pull that was never heard from again. In fact, no one ever talks about him. It’s like everyone’s too afraid to. There’s definitely something going on at this school, but it's as if those who are affected are unable to put their finger on what it is that is exactly amiss.

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