thatsleon (thatsleon) wrote in _champloo,

fic - Death and Rebirth

New member here, and I come bearing fic!

This is my first foray into the Samurai Champloo fandom, so I would really appreciate some feedback. That way, I can figure out where to direct my efforts. :D This is just a little bit of character exploration with Mugen in the last episode, but I hope you enjoy!

Title: Death and Rebirth
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Mugen, Jin. Written as brotherly gen, but if you've got your slash goggles on, you might see some implications.
Word count: ~780
Summary: Mugen dies, except not really. Takes place at the end of Episode 26.
Disclaimer: Only the words are mine.

( The world narrows down to his sword and Jin's, and he can almost fool himself into believing that nothing is out of the ordinary. )

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