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Samurai Champloo Fic Explosion Challenge 2010!

Given our love of Samurai Champloo and the slow participation at the samchamjam since the holidays, My co-mod, salomesensei, and I have decided to shake things up! We offer an explosively awesome challenge for the next four months (February-May). Rather than weekly challenges, votes, and winners, we offer you the thrill of challenging yourself!

We have a list of 15 prompts for which we encourage you to write one fic (of any length) each. You may make each fic unique—it's own rating, genre, style, tone, character focus, etc. Or you may link them, building a narrative, a saga, an epic! Whatever turns you on. Write them in any order or stick to the order of the list, and there are several alternate prompts if there are a few you don't like or if you want a few more.

So come join us at samchamjam if you haven't already!

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