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Multi-fandom Fanfiction Ficathons

because fic makes the world go 'round

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_Challenged_ is meant to be a multi-fandom, fanfiction ficathon tracking service. As of April 2006 we are under new management and hope to be providing a more complete coverage of fandom. Suggestions and heads-up always welcome! Feel free to drop a comment with a ficathon link, or else join the com and post your announcement yourself!

challengeread is the reading lj for this community (mostly fannish newletter communities and periodic short fanfic communities.) If you know of an active newsletter or weekly/monthly drabble/short fiction community that we should be watching, please let us know!

Some rules guidelines:

We are covering ficathons right now - hopefully to expand to covering challenges and weekly fic communities.

Everything fanfiction related is within our scope - for now, not icons or other art, nor "pro-fic" challenges or communities.

We hope to include links to posts and essays about running and participating in ficathons in the near future. More details about the mod's 'to-do' list here.

Posting: Is open to all members at this time. (Subject to change in the future.) Please use the following format (subject to change upon suggestion!)


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If you want your ficathon info to get out to more people - please promote this community!