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ADMIN: Current thoughts on posting, comments

Cut to save friendslists - behind the cut find the mod's thoughts on what she thinks she's doing, and what she's trying to do, and a call for suggestions.

So, what I'm doing at this point is skimming community newletters and the flists of a couple people that I know are multifandom, and posting ficathon summaries as I get the time. Which a) leaves a number of contests off the list, as I never see them and b) leads to making several posts all at once in the evening, which annoys me when I see it on my flist, and *I*'m the one who put them there!

So I'm intending to do more posting in the am and at noon, so that the posts are more broken up on flists.

Right now, I'm doing one-time posts on any ficathon or challenge I see. hermionesviolin suggested compilation posts of what are available. I think that the tag function might help with this, but I don't see why compilation/running lists might not work. One per "major" fandom (HP & SGA are the monsters in the house as far I can tell, currently, but they aren't the only ones I consider major), one for multifandoms, and then one for minor fandoms all lumped together? Something like that?

Also - while I'm asking - length of announcement posts - how is that working? Too long? Too short? Wrong information?

If other people want to post announcements, Please do. To keep a fairly uniform look (which helps out the readers) I'll ask that you use the same format I've put in the community info. (That format is subject to change if people have suggestions.)

When I post announcements, I've been (generally) doing a back-track post to the 'thon signup page to say that the announcement has been made on the community, and check to make sure that's okay. (Everyone has been very happy thus far.) I'd like it if other people who do announcements also did this - I think it's good advertising and good manners.

Things I'm not doing yet that I want to do in the future, in no particular order:

- I am not currently seeing any manga/anime 'fests announced on the net. I'd like to get an opening into this area of fandom.
- Weekly drabble/short fic communities are not being tracked right now (I did a couple of posts and then ran screaming away when I found the (fandomx100) list. When I figure out how to track those (weekly todo list or something) then I'll start putting up more (short) announcements.
- I would like to do a weekly post reminding people of ficathons that are coming up to being closed for signups.
- I'd like to make several pages of links to posts and commentary on running ficathons and writing ficathons, as a reference for folks.
- I'd like to make a post with definitions of ficathon-related fannish terms, so as to cut down on people's confusion

If anyone would like to do any of the above, FANTASTIC! Drop me a note, and post when you get done. If you like, send a copy to me first, and I'll look it over.

Finally, based on a suggestion by milkshake_b later today I'm going to put up a "noticeboard" post, where people can comment with ficathon links that they don't want to put up themselves.

Feedback makes the mod do the wacky - please let me know what works and what does not.
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