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Hi everybody! I've just open a lims-community about Friends, the best show ever! If you are a fan of Chandler-Ross-Rachel-Monica-Joey-Phoebe gang and you love making icons, you have to join lims_friends and partecipate! The first round will be up very soon. I hope you'll be...lots :)


let's see if i cn rmbr my fave lines perfectly...

'Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black'
'Why would he want his blue blazer BLACK?'

'Honey, you look great.'
'Tell her she looks nice. Tell her she LOOKS NICE...!'


'I'm Joey. I'm Disgusting. I make cheap porn videos...'

'I'm Monica. I keep guys' underwear as a souvenier..'

'hey Ben! i'm the holiday armadillo!..'

'...bloody balls in the way..'

'...Maybe you are not used to kissing guys..'
'..over my DEAD BODY..'

'..they are brothers and sisters?!?!!'

'Danny...the bath's getting cold........'

'Hey there Ross, sweetie....'
'Hey there, handsome...thing.'
'This perfume IS as good as every Georgio's....'

And a whole lot more!! lol!
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Friends Time

'Can you people not see me?'

'See, he's her lobster'

'Who wouldn't want you?'
'Please I'm a single mom with a 30 year old son!'

'How did I know they were having problems they didn't even talk to each other'

'I know this may sound unbelievably selfish on my part but were you planning on bringing up the whole baby lesbian thing cos I think it may take some of the heat of me'

'Ok lets get back in the car cos it's freezing and my chest is unsupported'

'At least the people who spit on you are famous'
'Why who spits on you?'
'I don't want to talk about work'

'This is worst than when he married the lesbian'

'As in I now pronounce you wife and wife married'

'No no no. One daddy. Two mommies'
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"You know what's weird, Donald Duck never wears pants but when he gets out of the shower he has a towel round his waist, what's that about?"

"Alright that's it, give me your underware"

"I said share not scare!"

"Got your passport?"
"Yep 3rd door of my dresser don't want to lose that"
"There it is!"

"This is worst than when he married the lesbian"

"Talk about an inhospitaple environment"

"You know you probably arn't allowed to sleep with your students"
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"You're lucky that list is laminated, Missy!"

"Hey Ross is Staton Island an Island? I thought it was like Long Island"

"How long has she been crying?"
"About a week and a half!"

"Maybe I'm some kind of magnent"
"I know I am that's why I can't wear a digital watch"
"There's more beer right?"

"Got your passport"
"Yep in the 3rd drawer of my dresser don't want to lost that!"
"There it is!"

"Hey remember when I use to have cornerors!"

" Ok, who are you talking to when you do that?!"

"Everyday is lesbian lover day!"

"Hey Phebs were these funny cookies?"
"Not particularly but they did have pot in them!"

"We switched apartments you can't steal our food anymore that gravey train has ended!"
"There's gravey?"
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hmm just in case anyone actually finds this community and reads this, please help me. i have no idea what to do or how to do it. i want to add a very pretty layout but i don't even know how to sign onto this community, when i created it i was not asked for a password or anything so i don't know. i am confused. i love friends, one of my favorites is the one where no one is ready <33 joey: i am chandler, could i beee waring anymore pants? hehe or the one where ross gets the couch and they are getting it up the stairs and he is like "pivot pivot!" i am sure i spelled that wrong.
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