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Hi there! I'm new, my name is iru_chan.
For now I created one Avatar.
More coming up next weekend or maybe later.
by iru_chan
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Simple Header Request : )

Heyy : ) I was wondering if you could please take any of the 3 pictures below and making a header saying - it's not about keeping your promises, it's about following your heart

font - any kind of cursive : )
color - white

thanks a ton : ) credit will be given <3 xxo

Welcome to All

Hey there! I'm your maintainer-owner-and moderator, Jas. Feel free to add me onto your friends list.. I won't mind at all :D. Please read all the rules before joining. That's all I ask. Thank you and have an awesome day!

Jas xoxo

1.) NO STEALING Stealing graphics is one big problem that is re-accuring in livejournal. Please stop.. graphic making takes a long time and alot of effort. PLEASE COMMENT where the icons are posted-CREDIT THE USER- SHARE- AND FOLLOW THE MAKERS RULES
2.)POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY If not locked the poster wil be told to edit the post and lock it... if not done by the time given ( 3 days ) the post will be deleted.
3.) VULGAR LANGUAGE IS PERMITTED *BUT* only in graphics! If used to bash celebrities or livejournal users.. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS COMMUNITY!
4.)NO ADVERTISING! Please don't advertise in this community! This community is not for getting memebers to join other communities.. this gets very annoying