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Cat Power Biography released April 7th

Hey everyone,

I know i'm a lil late in posting this but the biography (not autobio) of Cat Power is out called you guessed it, Cat Power, A Good Woman. Its by Elizabeth Goodman a writer for Blender (are they still around??) and Rolling Stone Magazine.
I picked it up a while back but couldn't get around to reading it as I had my finals so just recently started up this book and I must say it's an incredibly interesting read.

here's the cover, and even though i'm not done with it yet i'd recommend it to any fan


<3 cat power <3

hey lovies, im a huuuuggeee fan of chan marshall. i saw her at first avenue in minneapolis last winter, and it was absolutely amazing. so anyway, i make clothes, and customized shirts & whatnot.. if anyone is interested in cat power apparel, post a comment for me. ill do colors, pictures, sayings, whatevers.
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