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RIP Squeakers...

...So yesterday, Mark put Squeakers outside because the cats had run out of litter and she tried to pee outside the box. He didn't know there was no litter and I was waiting on my check to come in yesterday morning so I could get them more litter. In the meantime, Squeakers ran away, and was found on the freeway near our house by a lady who said she saw her tag from the freeway. How this was possible, we don't know. Who could see a very small cat tag on a dead cat while driving 70 on the freeway is beyond me, plus, normally, noone stops to look at dead animals on the side of the road. We think this lady may have catnapped Squeakers, and she jumped out of the window trying to get away, and was hit by another car. Peggy (my roomate) called with the news, and Mark told her to go pick her up in a bag, and put her in the freezer until we got home. We've decided to bury her here in the yard next to us, but I don't want any of the other cats to see her. I don't even want to see her. I feel like such a terrible parent.
So now i'm only a parent of 6 babies.

RIP Squeakers, you will be missed. Love, your babies, Moe, and Daisy and Tigger too.



We finally know the true story. After Mark let her out the 2nd time, sometime that evening she went running WAY up the street, and a former cat rescuer found her on the entrance to a freeway hoping she may still be alive, but when she pulled over and checked her, she was surely dead. She called our home phone listed on her tag and my roomate answered since we were at the Dr's, and she called us with the news that she was no longer with us. She brought her home and put her in the freezer (in a bag) until we got home, and we buried her in the front yard once we got back.
I'm so sad, every time I think of tiny Squeakers running for her life on the freeway it makes me want to break down.
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