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Pray that we find our Zoe... [30 Sep 2010|03:53pm]


So yesterday I ordered pizza, and it arrived around 3PM...around this same time yesterday. When I opened the door to pay the guy and get the pizza, Dixon ran out. I coralled him into the house, paid the guy, got the pizza, and that was that. Or so I thought. Last night when I fed the cats around 9pm, I noticed that we only had 6 instead of the regular 7 fur babies show up to eat dinner. I took inventory and realize Zoe, out DSH Hemingway Polydactyl was missing from the brood. Of course we started looking around the house, opening every door, cabinet, checking the nursery (which we keep the door closed on),...to no avail. She was nowhere in the house. I couldn't remember when she would have gotten out except for when I got the pizza. She must've run out on the other side of me when Dixon ran out and I didn't see her. If the pizza guy saw her, he never said a thing. I stayed outside looking for her rattling a cup of kitty food until midnight. She never came home last night.
This morning, I woke up and started looking again. I notified all the nighbors, put out some wet food for her, printer flyers, posted them around our area in the complex, called local animal control, called the Houston SPCA, and even posted an ad on Craigslist looking for her...none of our cats have ever ever been outdoors overnight. I'm so worried about her. I've been going outside checking for her and calling her every 30 minutes all day. As soon as my fiance comes home with the car, i'm going to go driving around looking for her, but that won't be for another few hours.
Does anyone else know what we can do?? Please pray that she finds her way home safe and sound.


Edited to add!!

Glory be!! Tonight at 8:45 we got home from the store. I called Zoe out lous just before we went in for the night, and we went in. While I was fishing in the cabinets looking for something good for dinner, my fiance and I heard LOUD meowing comming from behind the door. At first we werent sure if it was one of the cats inside, but after a couple more meows, we opened the door, and Zoe came waltzing in. With the exception of being incredibly thirsty and a little hungry, she's just dandy!! Thanks for all of the helpful stories and info shared by you guys, and also for the prayers!!! Glad to have my little girl home!!
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Kitty allergies... [19 Aug 2010|09:00pm]

I've had my Siamese cat Layla for 5 years, and she's never been sick, but she's got terrible allergies that get even worse in the summertime. She's totally an inside cat, afraid of almost everything outside. I was wondering what we could do for her allergies? She sneezes and sniffles all year round, and I can tell it's hard to breathe for her because we can HEAR her breathing and it sounds like she's all stuffy. Poor thing she has terrible sneezing fits where she'll sneeze like a hundred times in a row and snot will be EVERYWHERE.


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A few pics...and a question... [25 Jul 2010|02:20pm]

I have a question. I just found out i'm pregnant, and i've heard that i'm not *supposed* to do the litter boxes...BUT, there's noone else to do them...is it okay for me to scoop the boxes??

Just so you're not bored, here's a pic of a few of my babies.

meow.Collapse )
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RIP Squeakers... [02 Mar 2010|12:24pm]

...So yesterday, Mark put Squeakers outside because the cats had run out of litter and she tried to pee outside the box. He didn't know there was no litter and I was waiting on my check to come in yesterday morning so I could get them more litter. In the meantime, Squeakers ran away, and was found on the freeway near our house by a lady who said she saw her tag from the freeway. How this was possible, we don't know. Who could see a very small cat tag on a dead cat while driving 70 on the freeway is beyond me, plus, normally, noone stops to look at dead animals on the side of the road. We think this lady may have catnapped Squeakers, and she jumped out of the window trying to get away, and was hit by another car. Peggy (my roomate) called with the news, and Mark told her to go pick her up in a bag, and put her in the freezer until we got home. We've decided to bury her here in the yard next to us, but I don't want any of the other cats to see her. I don't even want to see her. I feel like such a terrible parent.
So now i'm only a parent of 6 babies.

RIP Squeakers, you will be missed. Love, your babies, Moe, and Daisy and Tigger too.



We finally know the true story. After Mark let her out the 2nd time, sometime that evening she went running WAY up the street, and a former cat rescuer found her on the entrance to a freeway hoping she may still be alive, but when she pulled over and checked her, she was surely dead. She called our home phone listed on her tag and my roomate answered since we were at the Dr's, and she called us with the news that she was no longer with us. She brought her home and put her in the freezer (in a bag) until we got home, and we buried her in the front yard once we got back.
I'm so sad, every time I think of tiny Squeakers running for her life on the freeway it makes me want to break down.
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Group discount for pet insurance? [21 Jan 2010|02:07am]

Does anyone know of any pet insurance that offers group discounts? We have 7 furry felines and would like to put them all on a plan, but we have so many and it gets expensive!
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Just me & my gang [10 Jan 2010|05:18pm]

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[08 Jan 2010|10:02pm]

Two of the men in my life :)
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My Boys...the 4 girls are off somewhere else in the house... [07 Jan 2010|01:13pm]

Tigger, Dixon, & Guillermo

Everbody lookin at the camera except Tiggers' lol Lazy ass.. j/k

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Wow... [22 Nov 2009|12:43pm]

We finally figured out that Dixon is a Bombay mix!! I was at work for an interview, and it was srecond chance pets day, and there were a lot of kitties that looked just like our Dixon, so I asked a worker what breed he may be, and showed her a pic and described his attitude, and she told me he was a Bombay/DSH mix...now we know!!

Heres a pic of our Dixon, and he looks almost just like the pics when we google image "bombay cat"...

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Snowshoe Siamese Hemingway [20 Aug 2009|02:32am]

Since i'm moving in December, i'll have more room for another kitty once i'm back at home. My sister in law has an adopted Snowshoe Siamese Hemingway (and she's a polydactyl) which she was lucky enough to find at a kitty adoption center, I want one incredibly bad, she/he doesn't have to be a polydactyl, but I would prefer it. I've checked our locak ASPCA, The Houston ASPCA (yes, the very same one featured on Animal Cops Houston on Animal Planet), and they have none, just regular American sealtip Siamese, which I already have. Does anyone know where I may be able to find a Snowshoe Siamese Hemingway for adoption, or at a low cost in the Houston area, or in the East Texas area?? I'll be willing to travel within a 30-45 mile radius, and I can't pay more than $100-$150...I've seen them up for adoption on the internet, but nowhere local...can anyone help?
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Long hair or short hair?? [24 Jul 2009|04:58pm]

Hi all! I believe I posted here before when my babies were just newborns. They're staying with their mother and "foster family" until they're old enough to come home with me, so I haven't been with them before. All I have are pictures and stories as they live about an hour away.

Here are the newborn pics if you remember them:

And here they are at 5.5 weeks!
What I'm wondering... is if you guys think they look longhair or shorthair?

Another one behind the cut: Read more...Collapse )
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Kitten- Maggie- 5 weeks? [22 Jul 2009|11:44pm]

So I just adopted a farm cat today, who is, much to my surprise, closer to five weeks that the eight I was expecting.  However, had I left her where she was- well I'm not entirely sure she would have made it to eight weeks.  I had her checked out by a vet and she's healthy aside from some ear mites.  Her eyes are entirely open, ears up and she's fully weaned.  I also gave her a towel which spent a week with her litter, so it smells like home for her, and she seems to like it.

I've had cats my whole life, but never this small.  I gave her a smaller litterbox, and she's hanging out in the small downstairs bathroom with all her stuff until she acclimates, I live in a fairly large farmhouse and I don't want to overwhelm her, so she gets to explore a couple times a day but otherwise stays in the room.  She's spent a lot of time climbing me like a tree.  :)  As far as I can tell she's not having a major freak out or a level five panic attack, but I'm paranoid and therefore worried.  Any general advice?  Photo under the cut.
Maggie!Collapse )

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Good cats for those with allergies? [13 Jul 2009|11:06am]

My partner and I would like to get a cat. However, he is allergic to cats. He claims that the longer he's around a cat, the less allergic he'd become.

i'd really like to skip the whole miserable stage and get a cat that is "hypo-allergenic". Is there such a thing as a hypo-allergenic cat or at least one that is easier on the allergies than others?

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skittish bengal cat? [10 Jul 2009|10:11am]

does anyone have any tips on helping an EXTREMELY skittish cat feel less skittish? my sister's bengal cat is incredibly skittish and scared of everyone. he runs away and hides whenever he is seen by anyone. i'm never had a cat so i'm not exactly cat-saavy, but i'm about to inherit him since my sister is moving out of the country and can't bring him. he seems okay with me sometimes, and will even sleep near me, but he's just really scared all the time. i know cats are far from dogs, but i just remember caesar milan saying a skittish dog isn't a happy dog, i wonder if that applies to cats too? please help!
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Paw Love [09 Jul 2009|10:39am]


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Longhair or Shorthair? [29 Jun 2009|05:17pm]

Hey everyone! I have two little ones on hold for me (I'll go pick them up when they're old enough) and I'm wondering....

Are my kittens long haired or short haired? Can you tell by 1 week?

Their pictures are behind the cut: Read more...Collapse )

Thanks!! <3

x-posted to another cat community :)
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HI! [31 May 2009|08:24pm]

I'm new to this community, my name is Amélie.
A few months ago I adopted the cutest cat ♥♥♥♥ I love her forever!
Her name is Maya and here's a lil video I made today.Don't worry I'm not wasting all that water everytime Maya wants to drink it was just once so she could understand what the washbasin was.

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The babies. [31 May 2009|03:15am]

FINALLY brought home my girls, the two part snowshoe siamiese kittens.

They are a little hard to take pictures of, as one is always moving and the other hides a lot.  I did manage a few, though.

Read more...Collapse )
Xena, aka  Porter.

Mmmmm... beer flavored cats.

More pics to come as they get settled

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New [23 May 2009|06:33pm]

Hi there, I'm new to this community in my search for information on very young kittens. We've had a momma cat with her two twin gray kittens on our porch for a while now and recently momma had another batch. [Another set of twin gray kittens!]

Well, momma's starting to wein these and we're transferring over to soft pasty kitten food with baby formula. These babies are somewhere around 6 weeks old. I'm keeping one of them, so can anyone direct me to any good care sites or be able to offer me some good advice? The youngest I've ever cared for was closer to a year.

+++ One of the first set of twins ALSO just had babies [le sigh] and so, if we can get those too, any help would be appreciated.

[Only reason we're so bent on getting them rather than nature taking its course is lots of Toms around suddenly, and someone's been poisoning cats in the neighborhood.]

Thanks for any help you may provide.

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[18 May 2009|08:43pm]

My friend's cat had kittens (accidental breeding). She's successfully found homes for all of them save one - a little black female who I'm pondering taking in. I don't want her to end up at the pound - last year our shelter was forced to euth nearly 2,000 cats and with the economic crash I bet it's going to be even worse now. Things are tight financially, but I /can/ make a go of it, even with vet care/spaying/my crummy part-time job. Best of all, my mum's willing to help financially. If I have the space, I should save her, right?
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