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This Marks the Man In Black's First-Ever Number One Debut. Check out the new single "God ’s Gonna Cut You Down" Johnny Cash's "American V: A Hundred Highways" (American Recordings/Lost Highway) debuts at Number One on both the Billboard Top 200 Albums and Top Country Albums charts. The album, which was released on the Fourth of July.....

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Seeking a Specific Picture

I started a portrait of Johnny Cash a few months before he died, and I'd like to finish it, but I lost the picture I was drawing from.
I'd torn it out of a Rolling Stone, a couple/few months before he died. It was a full-page photo, but not a cover. It's a late picture, he's got white hair and tons of wrinkles, and he's looking right at the camera pretty much straight-on, and I think he has one hand below his chin altho I'm not positive about that bit. The background was some warm color I think, red or orange...or maybe golden wood?
I've searched the Rolling Stone website and I can't find it. If anyone knows which pic I mean and/or could tell me at least which issue of the magazine it appeared in so I could order a copy, I'd be eternally grateful!!


EDIT: Incidentally, it's the same time-frame as this pic from looking_glass's journal. :)
Classic Cash

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer

hey, i was just being my bored ass self looking ad IMDb (the Internet Movie Database)
and i searched "Gospel Road:The Search For Jesus" (one of Johnny's movies)
and when i clicked the link for Johnny Cash, this came up as one of his credits:
"The Simpsons"
El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer (1997)

a episode featuring a Coyote that was voiced by Johnny Cash.
take a look ""