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The Man In Black's Journal

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1st September 2010

elnoradawn10:23pm: bluekentucky


2nd February 2007

salivia_baker1:37am: Got in a mood to do some JC stuff but sadly there aren't that many good pics around (or I haven't found them)

Anyway this is what I made
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

17th January 2007

armadilloface5:41pm: I couldn't handle J.C. with a handlebar
A friend of mine told me that he saw a picture of Johnny Cash with a beard. I said this is absolutely impossible.... the man simply didn't ever EVER grow a beard. 

But maybe I'm wrong?

20th November 2006

theniwokesoftly10:08pm: Ten Johnny Cash and June Carter icons at my journal, here.

12th September 2006

cadiliniel8:50am: 1932-2003
Long live the Man in Black!

RIP, Johnny.

7th August 2006

armadilloface11:32am: Tell that long tongued liar and that midnight rider that God's gonna cut him down

I just got two Johnny Cash albums. 'American V : A Hundred Highways' and 'The Gospel Collection'

The last JC album is so gorgeous. You can hear how fragile his voice is and yet the songs have never felt more dear. 'Four Strong Winds' (written by Canadian Ian Tyson) 'Like The 309' and 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' are pretty righteously bad ass songs.

13th July 2006


This Marks the Man In Black's First-Ever Number One Debut. Check out the new single "God ’s Gonna Cut You Down" Johnny Cash's "American V: A Hundred Highways" (American Recordings/Lost Highway) debuts at Number One on both the Billboard Top 200 Albums and Top Country Albums charts. The album, which was released on the Fourth of July.....

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17th June 2006

sacha2:50am: Johnny & June fanlisting...
Thought I'd share it... I finished it a few days ago.

... crossposted...
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31st May 2006

armadilloface11:18am: You can talk the talk... but can you walk the walk?
I'm doing my best to channel a young and wild Johnny Cash in this video. 


Something must've worked because we ended up walking away with 'Best Performance' of the day.

26th May 2006

splott8:16pm: Seeking a Specific Picture
I started a portrait of Johnny Cash a few months before he died, and I'd like to finish it, but I lost the picture I was drawing from.
I'd torn it out of a Rolling Stone, a couple/few months before he died. It was a full-page photo, but not a cover. It's a late picture, he's got white hair and tons of wrinkles, and he's looking right at the camera pretty much straight-on, and I think he has one hand below his chin altho I'm not positive about that bit. The background was some warm color I think, red or orange...or maybe golden wood?
I've searched the Rolling Stone website and I can't find it. If anyone knows which pic I mean and/or could tell me at least which issue of the magazine it appeared in so I could order a copy, I'd be eternally grateful!!


EDIT: Incidentally, it's the same time-frame as this pic from looking_glass's journal. :)

20th May 2006

looking_glass11:11pm: I uploaded 51 high resolution scans of Johnny to my journal.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

There's 51 through here

22nd April 2006

looking_glass2:05am: I have 15 icons at my journal

through here


18th April 2006

duramax90211:01pm: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer
hey, i was just being my bored ass self looking ad IMDb (the Internet Movie Database)
and i searched "Gospel Road:The Search For Jesus" (one of Johnny's movies)
and when i clicked the link for Johnny Cash, this came up as one of his credits:
"The Simpsons"
El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer (1997)

a episode featuring a Coyote that was voiced by Johnny Cash.
take a look "http://imdb.com/title/tt0701094/"

15th March 2006

beachbounded228:02pm: I Got Bored Again
I got bored again...so here's more pictures :)

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beachbounded225:05pm: Pictures
I'm kinda bored so I'm gonna post some pictures of John, enjoy :)

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11th March 2006

beachbounded228:02pm: Another Video To Share
Hey everyone, I come with another video. This one is John singing in the studio with Bob Dylan, singing  "I Still Miss Someone". 

Like last time, if the link expires just comment here and let me know-I'll be happy to re-up it for ya. 

John & Bob Dylan - I Still Miss Someone
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4th March 2006

didjagripweed8:24pm: If merits a cut..lemme know.
I read Bob Dylan's Chronicles last week and of the hundreds of passages that stuck out, this one seemed especially relevent ;)

(He's refering to his Oh Mercy album here):

"I wasn't sure that we had recorded any historial tunes like what he (his producer) had wanted, but I was thinking that we might have gotten close with these last two. "Man in the Long Black Coat" was the real facts. In some kind of weird way, I thought of it as my "I Walk the Line", a song I'd always considered to be there at the top, one of the most mysterious and revolutionary of all time, a song that makes an attack on your most vulnerable spots, sharp words from a master.

I'd always thought that Sun Records and Sam Phillips himself had created the most crucial, uplifting and powerful records ever made. Next to Sam's records, all the rest sounded fruity. On Sun Records, the artists were singing for their lives and sounded like they were coming from the most mysterious place on the planet. No justice for them. They were so strong, can send you up a wall. If you were walking away and looked back at them, you could be turned into stone. Johnny Cash's records were no exception, but they weren't what you expected. Johnny didn't have a piercing yell, but ten thousand years of culture fell from him. He could have been a cave dweller. He sounds like he's at the edge of the fire, or in the deep snow, or in a ghostly forest, the coolness of conscious obvious strength, full tilt and vibrant with danger. "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine". Indeed. I must have recited those lines to myself a million times. Johnny's voice was so big, it made the world grow small, unusually low pitched-dark and booming, and he had the right hand to match him, the rippling rhythm and cadence of click-clak. Words that were the rule of law and backed by the power of God. When I first heard "I Walk the Line" so many years earlier, it sounded like a voice calling out, "What are you doing there, boy?". I was trying to keep my eyes wide open too."

2nd March 2006


I just downloaded this video, and I love it! I laugh each time I watch it, so I thought I would come and share it here. It's a video of John impersonating Elvis, and its priceless. 

Johnny Cash's Impersonation of Elvis

If the link expires just let me know, I'll be happy to upload it again!

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26th February 2006

braintoad1:14pm: I'm surprised there hasn't been any posts about it yet.

Today is Johnny's birthday.  So Happy Birthday to the Man in Black.


Happy Birthday John Ray Cash

Your music changed my life and many others.
Your music and influence will never be forgotten.
Your music touched thousands of lives and I doubt it will ever stop touching lives.
From With His Hot and Blue Guitar all the way down to American IV: The Man Comes Around, everything you've done has been fantastic.
Feburary 26, 1932 is when you were delivered to use and September 12, 2003 was when you left us, those 71 years were probably the most wonderful years this world has seen.
I love you Johnny, we all love you. We miss you and we thank you for the years of music and the years of joy to come from further listening.

I remember the Man in Black.

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22nd February 2006

corpsebarbie5:35pm: Hi guys i just made a forum dedicated to walk the line and the one and only mr johnny cash come check it out and discuss all things JR

21st January 2006

fnord2312:23am: new memberness

I was listening to "The Highwayman" today, and it made me cry when it got to the part with johnny- "or i may even be a single drop of rain, but i will remain...and i'll be back again and again and again"

I've always loved that song, (and waylon and willie and kris) and it just hit me hearing it that Mr.Cash is gone...but maybe not ya know? Its odd to hear a song about reincarnation from 4 country artists.

I'm Amanda. *waves hi*

16th January 2006

rockabilly_girl9:57am: Hi Cats and Kittens!

ROCKABILLY_CDS community on LiveJournal is open NOW.
It's the great place where you can find the information on new releases of rockabilly and psychobilly CDs and DVDs. You can also add your own reviews, express your opinions and share your views on albums that you like (or dislike).

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15th January 2006

beachbounded225:09am: 20 Icon/Bases

I made a bunch of Johnny Cash bases for some icons I'm working on, but thought I'd post em here to share with ya'll.

+Comments are always good
+Credit optional



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11th January 2006

queen_of_thehop8:19pm: For real going cats!

Do you love early rock n roll and rockabilly especially those bopin Sun Records recordings? Do you just love the 50's? Then join the brand new community rockin_at_sun.

12th January 2006

looking_glass12:34am: I have a bunch of icons from the Walk The line

through here
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