.{ c a r t e || b l a n c h e }.

the blank sonata

[ the song of destruction ]
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C    A    R    T    E    B    L    A    N    C    H    E

We are the Voices among the Mute. We can hear the melodies and rhythms of matter and life, and manipulate them to our own ends. With our Voices, we can heal and kill and change the very fabric of this world. However, it is not a peaceful existence, and we Voices will fight with one another, creating destruction through dissonance, in order to further our own purposes. Each and every one of us strives to that one perfect end—to obtain carte blanche, the blank slate, and make the future in our own image.

f o u r
Bradrak D. Nubaru (25)
Shourin Ikegami (23)
Mingkai Chon (21)
Scout London (13)

t h r e e
Theron Valeo (25)
Elaine d'Orléans (23)
Kayuki Hai (19)

t w o
Themis Lilac (19)
Artemis Quies (17)

o n e
Shizuki Mizuhara (16)