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[BACKLOG] After this! (http://community.livejournal.com/_carteblanche_/5981.html)

Themis wasn't quite sure how she felt about this. Of course, this was entirely necessary, and they wouldn't dream of doing any harm to the girl, but--

"Ah, isn't this a little like... stalking?" she asked in a doubtful voice, sotto voce. She was with Artemis, right outside a large convenience store. The inside looked very cheerful and well-lighted, full of many delicious looking little items (Themis had found herself very partial to Japanese sweets after a few tastes of anpan and Meiji brand chocolates). And there, right in the corner by the magazines was the one they were looking for. Themis wondered if she was tired after her classes, if she was getting enough rest. If she had started to really hear the world around her yet.

There was so much for that girl to explore-- but she had to be introduced to their world first.

"Remember to try and be friendly, Artemis," Themis reminded him gently, before walking into the store.

[BACKLOG- Pre-Hanami Arc] Japan

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Theron stopped in front of an apartment building. If he was not mistaken, this is the one Kayuki lived in... sorta? It had been a while since last visited the fellow Rider or any of the Riders. During the past year Theron had left his restaurant in California under the management of a friend and traveled about the world aimlessly, collecting some nifty recipes along the way. Maybe Kayuki will let him raid his kitchen.
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[BACKLOG-Pre-Hanami Arc ] Japan, Summer

The bell rung, signaling the end of school and snapping Shizuki back into reality. She stared blankly at her notebook: it was filled with the day's notes and yet she didn't remember writing any of it. Today seemed to be an off day for her, but those days didn’t come often... if one only considers the days she was at school. She packed her things and left the classroom.

As soon as she stepped outside the school building she froze. Something felt different, or weird, rather; she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She glanced around, but nothing in particular caught her eye. Sighing, she slung her book bag over her right shoulder and continued on toward the campus gates.
a song for glory, I am totally in charge

[BACKLOG-Pre-Hanami Arc ] Japan, Summer

Themis was brushing back her damp hair, when Artemis got back. She didn't hope for much; even with her luck she hadn't been able to find the one they'd been looking for. She resigned herself to a long search. Ah, well, if Myron said to seek that Voice in Tokyo, then she was sure that they would find what they were looking for here.

[ooc] spawn of boredom.

I got bored so I started makin' comic sprites for all the characters, as a majority of you already know. 8D If your character isn't on the list, there's something you want changed with the one uploaded, or you want another with alternate clothing, comment with a description of what you want. :D

Artemis [casual]
Artmeis [school uniform]
Artemis [school summer uniform]
Kayuki [casual]
Mingkai [bunny suit]
Mingkai [casual]
Scout [casual]
Shizuki [casual]
Shizuki [school uniform]
Shizuki [school summer uniform]
Shourin [casual]
Themis [casual]
Theron [casual]
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Some AU while we put off the real thing. 8D

{{ The Alcatraz Night Club, room 404: Karaoke with costumes~! }}

THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS (as stolen from Shourin's Matsuri Festival post)

1. Thou shalt not kill.
2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's not!boyfriend belongings.
3. Thou shalt not commit adultery, especially for money. (That would make you a penny whore. :/)
4. Thou shalt not commit idolatry though the Fourth Rider may be exempt.
5. Thou shalt not god-mode.
6. Thou shalt not take everything too seriously. (That means you, Mingkai, and your little twin, Angry-san.)
7. Thou shalt not intoxicate or otherwise endanger the lives of short people little children (whether by means of drink or treats).


+ No accidentally attacking people with poem/melody/song spells.
+ If your name is selected by the pretend randomer (we'll figure out how to do that later), you are to dress up and sing something.
+ Yeah, can't think of any more.

Yes, there are bunny costumes.

[BACKLOG-Pre-Hanami Arc] Japan, Summer

[Continued from here.]


Why on earth did Myron have to send them right when the Japanese summer was about to begin? It was still early in July, but the weather already told Artemis the hell that he was in for. To say the very least, he was not happy.

He glanced about, wiping away some of the sweat forming on his brow while looking for anything that looked refreshing. After a waiting a bit for a taxi to notice him, he had lost patience, thanks to the heat, and proceeded walking down towards the nearest soda machine. He took a few coins out of his pocket and dropped in 120 yen into the slot. He stared at the varied selection in front of him.

They all looked... so...


Noticing the familiar Pepsi symbol on one of the cans, he pressed the button beneath the displayed can. Once ready, he took the cold can out of the dispenser, immediately opened it, and downed almost half of the carbonated sugar drink.

Oh yea. That hit the spot.

With that, he glanced around some more. He noticed a lot of students in uniform walking around the area. Remembering a bit of the travel guide trivia Themis had dogmatically recited aloud during the plane ride, Japanese schools didn't have summer vacation until July 20, thanks to some national holiday of theirs. Today was July 7th.

If the girl was around my age, she would still be in school right now, provided that she attended a normal Japanese school. ... Hm.

Absorbed in this thoughts, he continued walking until reaching the corner of an intersection. Proceeding to push the button on the traffic pole, he had another sip of his pepsi, not expecting anything unusual to occur while crossing one of the thousands streets in Japan.

Oh, how very wrong he was.
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