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Carson Kressley Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Carson Kressley Fans

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[21 Apr 2012|07:05pm]
Originally posted by murmuzyatina at http://murmuzyatina.livejournal.com/114321.html moreCollapse )
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No more Carson :( [11 Aug 2006|04:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I heard on the TV Guide Channel that Bravo is cancelling Queer Eye due to a slip in the ratings. After three years, no more Queer Eye. No more Carson. Which is sad, because Carson is my favorite one. I love Carson.
Does anyone know if this is true?

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Yahoo group [16 Dec 2005|02:36pm]

I started a yahoogroup for Thom/Jai and Kyan/Carson fans. If you want to join go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tjkc_sideorder Thanks!

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Carson @ VHI Big in '05!!!! [05 Dec 2005|10:05am]

Got a couple of pics fer yeh of Carson at the VH1 Big In '05 Awards, where I do believe he was a presenter.Collapse )
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Gaaaah.... [05 Dec 2005|09:20am]

Hi guys. Total newbie. Joined a couple of days ago, unaware that there were THAT MANY comms for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

I'm totally desperate now.

Does anybody, anybody at all, have either the video, the mp3 or both of All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)? Neeeeeeeed help.

[x-posted to all the Queer Eye comms I'm joined in.]
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Emmy Night 2005 [08 Sep 2005|11:50am]

[ mood | amused ]

I received this info courtesy of a Yahoo alert...

Carson Kressley will be one of the hosts on E! Television's "Live from the Red Carpet", along with Kathy Griffin, Star Jones, and E's own Guiliana Depandi Sunday, September 18th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. from the Shrine Auditorium in LA.

Carson will be the nominees' and presenters' last stop before they go in...

Carson and Kathy Griffin will also be the "Fashion Police" airing on the same channel, September 19th at 8 p.m.


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[03 Aug 2005|10:39pm]

Haha, the Streaking Carson episode a few weeks ago had me rolling on the floor laughing! I was wondering if anyone had any pics of him to make a funny icon with?
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Carson! [16 Jul 2005|04:00pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I LOVE Carson. H'es me favorite out all the Fab Five.
Anyhoo, watching him streak through the guys house on the latest episode was HILARIOUS. I couldn't keep a straight face.

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[05 Jul 2005|11:05pm]

You guys, I am looking for the holy grail. A copy of Jai's show "Xposed". I just have to see Carson sing "Popular". Hearing it is great, but I need to see it. If anyone has a copy, or knows someone who has a copy, or anything please, please, please let me know and I will love you forever. Thanks

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[20 Jun 2005|10:38pm]

[ mood | content ]

I had a dream I made out with Carson. But the funny thing is, is that Kyan was about to....and Carson piledrived him and grabbed me. Funny. Sad it won't happen.

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[03 May 2005|10:54pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So em, who in here thinks Carson and Ellen look like siblings?

Personally, I don't really think so. Maybe the hair and the eyes....*shrugs*

What do you think, Loves?

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[18 Apr 2005|01:07pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey I just thought id share some of the pics from The upcoming movie 'The Perfect Man' Which Carson has a little role in! I have some screen shots, which aren't very good but it's the bast i could do! If any one wants to see the trailer for the movie go to:


if you want to see the pic's click on the lj cut below!

X posted to:

Carson :)Collapse )

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[14 Apr 2005|08:56am]


HI!!!! I'm a HUGE Queer Eye Fan!! I love all the Fab Five But my fav is definatly Jai Kyan and Carson THEY'RE ALL SOO DAMN CUTE!! But I honestly can't choose my top favorite I JUST WUV EM ALL!! EEE!!
Soon I shall post Jai's first single "Love is Good" Soo all can enjoy! EE!!

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[13 Apr 2005|10:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, gee gosh by golly.....I love me some Carson. *hugs imaginary Carson* He's so my friend, he just doesn't know it yet.

Sidenote: Kyan is just sex itself.

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[11 Apr 2005|05:06pm]


HEY  every one i just wont to say i love queer eye it is the best show in the world!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JAI HE IS SOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!

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[23 Nov 2004|02:09am]

[ mood | awake ]

don't forget that a very queer eye thanksgiving will be on bravo tonight at 10/9c pm. it's one of those reunion specials similar to the one they aired last christmas. have a great turkey day guys. ^_^

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wooohooo!! [14 Nov 2004|09:47am]

I MET CARSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!!! [11 Nov 2004|11:03am]
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new episode! [31 Oct 2004|12:20am]

[ mood | giddy ]

i'm so excited! i was channel surfing this evening and i landed on bravo. in case you don't know...a new episode of queer eye is going to be aired this tuesday [election day]! woohoo! i'm looking forward to it.

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I may be stupid or i'm not looking hard enough or ... [28 Oct 2004|03:59pm]
Does anyone know what the full version of this pic looks like?

I looked over on Str8 Girl but I guess I didn't look in the right area, does anyone have it?


~Wooshes away~
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