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This community is a graphix community..
We can make icons, banners, and headers.
Basically any graphics, but if we are unable to do something
please dont whine.
The makers are unable to make any animated graphics
becuase we do not have the right programs to do so.
We hope everyone enjoys and appreciates our graphics
all you have to do to be a member is join,
which is clicking that link above that says 'join this community'.
Then youre able to request in entries.

The makers/mods are

T0xic_babi:accepting requests
Jagged_lust:icons,picture touch ups,banners
Perfectaltruism:accepting requests
We arent looking for any new makers

[1]Make all your entries friends only.
[2]To request you must be a member
[3]You can request 1 graphic per week, meaning you can only request a week after your pickup date.
[4]We arent going to host your graphics, so upload them to your own server. Also when we post pickups, let us know when you've picked up so we can delete the graphics from our servers.
[5]No cross posting please, it will not be filled if you asked the same graphic in different communities.
[6]Do NOT alter any of the graphics we've made in different graphic communities, if youd like any changes, just ask the maker who made it originally.
[7]No joining under multiple usernames or you will be banned.
[8]You must, before anything, have our button in your user info to make requests. We WILL check.
[9]Dont advertise your communities here please, there are places for that :]
[10]Make your entries friends only to avoid stealing or your post will be deleted. :[
[11]You must credit your maker and the community
Enjoy your graphix :D

[1]Did you put the maker you are requesting in the subject line? You MUST put a maker or your request will be ignored.
[2]Is your entry friends only?
[3]What is the graphic type?(Meaning what type of graphic are you requesting, icon? background? banner?)
[4]How big would you like the graphic to be?
[5]What pictures do you want to be used?
[9]Anything else?(last chance to be descriptive,
if you arent specific your graphic will not be remade if you do not like it unless the maker chooses to redo it.)
[10]Did you link us in your userinfo with our button?

Thank you guys so much for joining :]
i hope you like the graphix we've made you.

yours makers,