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fuck you; i'm hotter.

&you know it babylove!

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
001. You have 48 hours to post an application. Otherwise you will be banned.
002. Don't EVER comment in any posts, besides your application, until you are accepted. If you feel the need to do so, consider yourself banned.
003. When applying, your subject line should be "take a chance you stupid ho" and if it's not, you will be automatically rejected. We don't need idiots that can't follow rules.
004. Accepted members should always contain the word "whore" in the subject line so that we know you are accepted.
005. When voting, put a yes or no in the subject line. Members will be warned 3 times. If you fail to follow rules, you will be removed from the community, but you will be allowed to re-apply because we obviously liked you.
006. If you are rejected, you ARE allowed to re-apply once. But only with a better application and different pictures and you must re-apply within 24 hours of your first rejection. If you are rejected once again, you will be banned.
007. Promotion is allowed, but you must also post a picture. If you only post a promotion alone, it will be deleted.
008. In no way should ANY OF YOU disrespect the mods [or members]. That will only result in you being banned.

009. this community is NOT for real life whores; so stop applying you big hoochie mammas!

don't fuck with the html&don't use rich text!


Neva _keepmysecret_
aim: neva cooper says

Rosie __hotforteacher
aim: it was alter ego

Brea xmurdermurderx
aim: breaXmonster

♥all the lovely members.

♥member of the week♥


**to become member of the week, you must participate in themes, or just be outstanding.

Current Theme: Your summer in a nutshell. Post pictures from your summer, tell stories, do whatever! School is coming up, it will be a cool way to remember then fun you had. Theme ends August 27th.

Your Room: Michele call_me_etta

Your Name: Michele call_me_etta

Old School: Charity blueydgrl04

Bathtime: Paige prettymuchh

Retard: Brea xmurdermurderx

Day in the Life of...: Karen __twoheadedgirl

Wardrobe: Paige prettymuchh

Things that Make you Happy: Andrew robotarmy

promotional banners
applicants, promote using this banner.

other banners can be found here.

sister communities
if you'd like to become a sister community,
all you have to do is contact one of the mods.


Ka_donk_e banner
Just click on the picture ka_donk_e