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We are Whores.
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;; Welcome to _CameraxWhore the community that rates you 75% on looks and 25% on personality.

This is a fun community with themes, contests, and MOTM. This is, however, a rating community, so put up your applications if you can handle it. If you cant, im sorry, but please dont apply. Chances are, that each one of you will get at least 1 'no' vote, so dont plan on being perfect. We are honest here, but we are not bitches, so dont be afraid of that.Please Read the rules, join and then apply! and have fun doing it!

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Email: companion_m@hotmail.com

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For Applicants

1. Join BEFORE you fill out your application.
2. In the lj-cut please put "Camera's=LOVE"
3. Dont whine or complain. This is an honest community, and if you dont like that, please leave.
4. your application must be submitted within 24 hours of joining.
5. Dont post any votes or entries UNTIL a mod tells you that you are accepted.
6. It is ok to reply to your comments, but please dont reply to ALL OF THEM!
7. Be HONEST. Dont lie about your age or anything just to make us happy. we want to know the real you.
8. You must be 14 or older to apply.
9. Do Not use rich text when submitting your application
10. Make your application FRIENDS ONLY! kthx.

Rules for members

1. Be honest, but dont be a bitch about the applicants.
2. when voting ALWAYS put yes, no, or sway me in the subject line.
3. when posting an entry or update, always put stamped// then the subject of your entry.
4. ANY post that is more than 2 paragraphs please use an LJ-cut.
5. No Promoting other communities EVER!
6. post once a week or so, something. it can be as little as an update, we just want you guys to stay active.
7. PLEASE promote this community!!!
8. If i see that someone is EXTREMELY unactive, i will ban you.
9. Like i said in the rule #1. VOTING IS A PRIVILEGE. dont bitch and yell. you will be banned.
10. IF you vote No on an applicant, there better be a reason why, or ill turn that vote into a yes vote.
11. If you promote us to another community, please provide the link where you promoted us there, also.
11. MODS HAVE THE FINAL RULE IN EVERYTHING. If there is a problem, msg the mod.
13.Be Harsh when voting. We don't want bitches here.

Members Page
Banner Page

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please fill out every question on the application.
especially the pictures

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Picture Theme
This month's theme is "NATURE"!

Member of the month
April's member of the month is:
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A member can challenge any other member except the mod.
You will post 5 pictures fo yourself.
The member you challenge will do the same.
We vote, whoever gets the most "yes" votes wins.
The other, leaves.

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emma_freeworld (1) Vote counts twice- For being Super Active.
kellikuhl (2) Vote counts twice- For also Being Active/ Making Banner
_mobster (1) Auto reject/accept - Winning "best eyes"/ Making banner
lilperkiness (1) Auto Reject- Making banner

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If you'd like to be an affiliate please add this community to your list and then tell me.
i will surely add you back ♥