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Following the previous discussions about Ted and Caroline ... how about Kathleen, Bobby Jr., and Kerry Kennedy's support of Senator Clinton? It appears they've been supporting Clinton for a while, according to this article (though the article itself is more opinion than news). Also, Rory Kennedy supports Senator Obama.

Wonder what's going on if the family meets each other these days... ^_^ I would think either serious debates or ribbing, or both.

And, like last time, I bring a story. =D

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Anyway! Thoughts, anyone? 
(to people with alerts, sorry for the repost! "bleeped" a word, just in case...)

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Classic stars/figures: Audrey Hepburn, William Holden, Jackie Kennedy, John F Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe (28)
Disney: Aladdin (12)
Disney: The Little Mermaid (12)
I Love Lucy (10)

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Another Video

Hi again.

I made a Kennedy video awhile back to the song better days. I've posted it here already and was really happy you enjoyed it. I got inspired a few days ago and made another Kennedy video, although this one is about Bobby.

I thought I'd post it here.

Again I took some photos so if anyone wants credit just tell me and I'll make sure to credit you.

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current Newsweek articles - RFK

Hi everyone ~

It just so happens that: (1) tomorrow is Robert F. Kennedy's birthday, and (2) I was delighted to stumble across 2 articles in this week's Newsweek: "1968" and "The Worst Week," both with quite a bit about RFK. The latter is even written by Evan Thomas! (author of the recent RFK biography!) One of my favorite passages from the articles:
That night, as the news of King's death spread through the blighted parts of the land, there were riots in 110 cities causing 39 deaths and injuring 2,500. But in the city of Indianapolis, where [Robert] Kennedy had spoken, it was quiet.

Kennedy had trouble sleeping that night. He wandered around the Marriott hotel, stopping in to talk to some young staffers, tucking in a young speechwriter named Jeff Greenfield at about 3 a.m.
"You're not so ruthless," said Greenfield. "Don't tell anyone," said Kennedy.

I'm (obviously) a newbie; just got interested in Kennedy history this year when I visited the JFK library on a trip to Boston ~ and was bowled over both by the ideals and standards he presented for the US and the world - I mean, what kind of politician does that? :)  - and by the idea that he had the audacity to appoint his own brother attorney general, and his brother actually turned out to be arguably the best AG ever. :D

I haven't had much time to devote to this new interest, but I've read Robert Dallek's JFK bio and several other shorter books. On this site I've seen the Evan Thomas bio highly recommended (thanks to those who mentioned it!) Anyone have any other special recommendations?

And finally, 2 days after RFK's birthday is a sad anniversary - but I love the fun moments of "Camelot" too - for example, I'd love to know what President Kennedy was thinking at this moment: (captions, anyone?)

(Hope I got all the posting rules etc. ok...)

Pics in Vanity Fair

Hello everyone, thought Id post something, there have been no posts lately :((  I hope you'll enjoy these pics though.. they were taken by Richard Avedon and some of his pics have come out in the November issue of Vanity Fair. They are so beautiful....


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