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Ted "glasses" photo?

Hey, everyone! Nice to see this community. Was getting soooo sick of seeing anti-Kennedy comments all over the web when I went to other sites. If people don't like them, I don't see the point in posting negative remarks, but anyhoo....

On the day (or shortly after) TV was airing all the tributes and specials about Ted the other month, I caught a glimpse of a photo of him with his glasses on and thought it was such a great photo, but silly me didn't look to see what the show was and it was one of the only ones I DIDN'T tape at the time (figures).

I can't even remember it much now so I don't know if the photo was in black & white (I THINK it was) or what year (60s? 70s? 80s?). I think he was facing to the left (ours).

Thought maybe someone here would happen to have it (though based on my description, it might be a needle in a haystack, eh?).

Either way, hi and stuff. :-)

EDIT: Since I only found two Kennedy-related communities, I'm gonna post this same post in both cos I'm not sure if each group visits the other. I'd like to ask if either owner would like to be affiliates with the newly created (cos I'm a sucker for communities) Ted community. If not, it's cool. I didn't wanna make another all-Kennedy one since there already is two of those and Ted's my fave, so....yep. (Edited this to remove the link since the rules say not to promote other communities. Sorry about that.)
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