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This month's "Vanity Fair"

Hi everyone,
There's an article in this month's Vanity Fair about Jackie Kennedy.  It's called "The Two First Ladies", and it's written by Margaret Leslie Davis.

The synopsis:
It began on May 11, 1962, as a spur-of-the-moment promise by France’s minister of culture, André Malraux, dazzled by Jacqueline Kennedy: he would send the Mona Lisa to America. Then, as Presidents John F. Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle tussled over nuclear policy, the Cuban missile crisis erupted. In an excerpt from her new book, the author tells how Mrs. Kennedy turned the unprecedented, perilous loan of da Vinci’s masterpiece into a powerful Cold War symbol of Western ideals.

It's on page 222 of the magazine, and it can also be found here:

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