franny glass (wiziristan) wrote in _camelot,
franny glass

A huge thanks to everyone who helped me out last week! My presentation to my government class went extremely well. Though my teacher and I went back and forth on a few issues, I think that I had the class convinced that JFK was truly a man of character and great accomplishment. Your suggestions certainly contributed to my success, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to help :D

After class my teacher came over to me and said he was impressed with my knowledge. He apologized and explained himself, and we're on really good terms now. He even came to my graduation party and wrote me a nice card ending it with "Kennedy Forever!"

I of course had to wear my favorite shirt under my cap & gown...and can you spot a familiar face amidst all of my little kid pictures?

Anyway, now I'll be moving out to Boston for school to become a presidential biographer. Thanks again for all of your help and support everyone! Keep it Kennedy :D
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