May 27th, 2008


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fellow kennedy fans, i have a request!

have you ever been put in a position to defend your passion for the kennedy family?

i ask because my government teacher chose a day when i was gone from class to talk about the JFK assasination. he gave some very biased background information on the family, knowing very well that had i been in class i would have disagreed with a lot of it. he questioned his character, and kept the discussion completely one-sided against JFK. when informed of this the next day i was very upset and went to talk to my teacher. he rolled his eyes a bit but told me that he would let me make my case to his classes sometime this week.

i'm wondering what you would say if you were in my position, being as honest and sincere as possible, (keeping the obvious flaws in mind) to encourage high-school students to respect the kennedy family despite a biased influence.

thanks :]