kat asharya (filmstills) wrote in _calla_,
kat asharya

from pitchfork:

Calla Prepare New Album

Joel Ebner reports:
If Calla were to be placed accordingly on a darkness vs. handsomeness X/Y graph, they'd fall well outside of the standard deviation somewhere at the upper right hand corner of the graph. Perhaps it's of no consequence what they look like, but to see them live, it's easy to mistake them for any one of the strapping, benign, pop bands you witness on television. Not so. This band has teeth, and their propensity for jagged, claustrophobic songs is matched only by frontman Aurelio Valle's resemblance to a young Johnny Depp.

Given Calla's goth tendencies, it's not a huge surprise that they've signed to Beggars Banquet for their fourth full-length, titled Collisions. Recorded near the end of 2004 by Chris Zane, who also produced 2003's Televise, the album is set to drop on September 25. This album will also be the debut of new bassist George Gonzalez, who replaced Sean Donovan earlier this year. Collide:

01 It Dawned on Me
02 Initiate
03 This Better Go As Planned
04 Play Dead
05 Pulverized
06 So Far, So What
07 Stumble
08 Imbusteros
09 Testify
10 Swagger
11 Overshadowed
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