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Ca ching

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Hawt, innit
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No more auto accepts left. Let the voting begin!

Points Board here
Banners here
Members Page here

Rules, fucker.
For Applicants:
- 14+
- Put “Highschool Hellcats” in the subject line. Or die.
- Don’t post comments out of your app blah blah.
- Apply within 24 hours of joining.
- Don’t start shit, don't be a smart ass. Others will only say no for your bad attitude.
- If you continue with comment wars comment replies will be frozen.
- Make sure all posts are friends only.

Voting rules for members:
- Constructive critisism, be harsh only if you must.
- Don't vote on an app if it is not correctly filled out and/or rules have not been followed. One mod will leave the person a comment telling only of the problem. Only after the app has been fixed can anyone vote. If the app isn't fixed withing 3 days then it will be deleted by the mod.
- Put your answer [yes/no] in the subject line.

You may not say no for the following reasons:
→ "You put no effort in, you seemed 'bland'" Jesus. It's typed up text. of course it's not amazing and exciting. stfu.
→ "You spelt *word* wrong. You're stupid."
→ "Your friends are ugly"
→ "I'm in a bad mood/having a shit day"

If you do this, your vote will not be counted.

And no sways. If you feel there's something missing from the application tell the mods and it will probably be put in. Or even write your own for us.

General member rules:
- All promotions for another community must be left here.
- All posts must be friends only.
- Subject line must read "Stamped//whateveryouwant" [Mods, put "mod" instead on stamped]
- Always put the amount of points you should get in the subject of each post

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
batmanxcore kittenishgirl

___whorificxx llama_egg

_anapants_ cali_isil

Point System
- Five points for every time you promote (evidence).
No promo communities, friends only or screened posts
- Ten points for every picture you post.
- Fifteen points for every graphic you make for the community.
they must be different images, otherwise 15 for the first
and 5 for every different colored one after
- Ten points for competing in a theme or comp.



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