Prom Dress Drive

Girls donate your old formal dresses!

Crescent Valley and Corvallis High School are having a Prom Dress Drive to benefit CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence). You can drop your dresses in the CV office (there's a box there). You can also pick up a dress (pretty and gently used ones) for 10-25 dollars at Corvallis High School at these dates and times:
Fri 12 & 19 & 26 (3:30-5:30), Sat 13 & 20 (12-4:00) and Sun 14 & 21 (12-4:00)

Also, there's a raffle to win a free dress from Ross'

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i heard that mr. lizza quit. whoa now...anyone else have any speculation on that? i would be kind of really happy. him and his little "i look down on long distance sports" attitude. and how he'd show off to the end of the world. goodness.

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Hey everyone!! No one on this site really posts alot.... Maybe I don't have a life.... But who here esides me hates algebra with a burning passion of a thousand burning flames?? Another question, who here would joina a t-ball club at CV? Because Megan and I were thinking of doing one, except the rules would be slightly, okay, alot different. Let's just say it involves jello, root beer, grilled cheese sandwiches, hula hoops and much more!!
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Update on the wrestling team:
Despite an amazing win on thursday, we still sucked major @$$ on saturday. here are the results as best i can remember them

103 - Paul Amort, 5th Place
130 - Micah Tuttle, 5th Place
135 - JC Martin, 5th Place (i think)
140 - Marcus Annis, 3rd Place
145 - Eddie Murphy, 5th Place (i think)
171 - Alex Reher, 5th Place (i think)
189 - Jimmy Drebin, 2nd Place

We beat McNary in the dual meet, but in the tournament they won while we got 8th out of 10 teams. That should tell you how badly we did

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Well the game was a relief, and a game we needed to win. And we did. Even though it looked like we weren't gonna. But we did, and it was a lot of fun and we had tons of CV support and needed more!

Keep comin. Lol...
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Couple of upcoming things...

Bandconcert. Tomorrow, starts at 7:30 and it is gonna rock. Quietly. Jazz 2, followed by 1, followed by Concert Band, followed by Symphonic Band, followed by Wind Ensemble. I'm going to be playing in Jazz2, SB, and WE. Come watch! Its gonna be sweet. The coolest sounding song is "Irish Trilogy" by SB.

Friday, Boys Basketball game. Varsity starts at 7:30 and pep band is gonna be there en masse.
Be there, support the damn team!
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Hey all

Hey I just wanted to say Hi, also I'd like to know if anyone had the scores and any interesting details from the girls game this last friday. I couldn't go.

Also, I'd like to tell you guys to go out there and get as many CVers to join and frequent this site, cuz that would be sweet.
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Acting Comps VS Sadie Hawkins

Okay... so for you thespians... just thought that I would let you know that acting comps is the same day as Sadie Hawkins. Depending on when the competition ends, I am sure that, if it ended fairly early, we could make it back in time. But you might have to chose between the two... I know... sucks royally! Well if you guys have any questions feel free to contact me (that's my job as vice president ;) Luvs...