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Broadway Icon Challenge

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i use iconreminders to post updates on this community -- as well as posted here.

[button © amottie86]


mods = amottie86 & nintendodrummer (NOTE: no the mods will NOT be participating in the challenges...thats too weird)
banner artist = nintendodrummer

*if you would like to see icons we do make -- friend _leahsicons1_ to view the icons made by amottie86*

♥ SATURDAY = challenge will be posted by amottie86 and participants are asked to submit their entries in a comment. and voting from the previous challenge ends at 9pm EST
♥ THURSDAY = deadline for entries by midnight
♥ FRIDAY = voting begins where all the entries will be under a lj cut in one post and members will vote for their favorites (in order)

(rules are subject to change -- changes will be announced)
1, all submitted icons must meet LJ standards (100x100, less than 40k)
2, do not promote this community in the comments of other people's livejournals. promoting should be limited to communities that exist for such purposes and YOUR OWN journal/community
3, all entries must remain anonymous until voting is over saturday at 9pm
4, if you submit an icon, you MUST participate in voting or your icon will be DQ'ed
5, unless otherwise stated, do not submit more than 4 icons per challenge. you may submit 1, 2, 3, or 4 icons each week.
7, no self-voting. (aka, don't vote for your own icons)

*ONLY TWO-WAY TIES ALLOWED...if there is 3 or more, there will be a re-vote*
If there are less than NINE (9) icons, ties are not allowed a 24-hour revote will occur as a tie-breaker.
If there are 9-14 icons, ties are allowed in one cattegory. (higher cattegory)
If there are 15-19 icons, ties are allowed in two cattegories.
If there are 20 + icons, ties are allowed in all three cattegories.

challenge one: the producers. 6 entries [winners]
challenge two: chicago. 11 entries [winners]
challenge three: rent. 15 entries [winners]
challenge four: the phantom of the opera. 9 entries [winners]
challenge five: wicked. 22 entries [winners]
challenge six:* broadway villians. 11 entries [winners]
challenge seven: the wiz & the wizard of oz. 12 entries [winners]
challenge eight: cabaret. 13 entries [winners]
challenge nine: spamalot. 20 entries [winners]
challenge ten:* "seven deadly sins." 28 entries [winners]
challenge eleven: the odd couple. 11 entries. [winners]
challenge twelve: miss saigon. 13 entries. [winners]
challenge thirteen:* broadway lip-locks. 11 entries. [winners]
challenge fourteen: little shop of horrors. 21 entries. [winners]
challenge fifteen:* a showtune friendship. 27 entries. [winners]
challenge sixteen:* the stage to the screen. 37 entries. [winners]
challenge seventeen: dirty rotten scoundrels. 19 entries. [winners]
challenge eighteen:* male performers: nathan lane, hunter foster, norbert leo butz. 22 entries. [winners]
challenge nineteen: avenue q. 19 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty: the wedding singer. 27 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-one:* female performers: rachel york, idina menzel, lea salonga. 20 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-two: kiss me, kate. 15 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-three: les miserables. 26 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-four: the lion king. 13 entries. [voting]
challenge twenty-five:* theme: curtain calls. 16 entries. [voting]
challenge twenty-six:* recycle broadway. 29 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-seven:* i'm not at all in love. 14 entries [winners]
challenge twenty-eight: sweeney todd. 19 entries. [winners]
challenge twenty-nine: the drowsy chaperone. 16 entries [winners]
challenge thirty:* hollywood on broadway. 13 entries [winners]
challenge thirty-one: tarzan. 11 entries [winners]
challenge thirty-two: the pajama game. 17 entries [winners]
challenge thirty-three:* i write sins not tragedies. 12 entries [winners]
challenge thirty-four: 42nd street. 12 entries [winners]
challenge thirty-five:* re-do 22 entries [voting]

* = special challenge (announced and voted on at same time as traditional challenge)

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