[x] mark cohen banners

i realize this comm hasnt been active in quite awhile and that is partly my fault since i find myself not caring as much.
however, if an interest remains, i will leave the current challenge open until march 1st
after that point if no one enters, i will get rid of this community all together
however for kentissexy and aladriana there are banners from the mark cohen challenge to pick up

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since there were only a few entries, please only pick on for first place
don't vote for yourself
and keep icons anonymous until voting concludes
i will post challenge 37 tonight/tomorrow
the results will be posted sunday evening, so please vote as soon as you can
since this was our first challenge back after a hiatus for a couple months, i will continue it to next challenge, but if there are not enough entrants then i will close this community

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[x] CHALLENGE # 36

i am going to try to to get this community back on track after the hiatus. if participation is not good during this challenge, then i will just close the community.

(if this is successful, the next few challenges will be character challenges)

+ only members may participate
+ you may submit up to seven (7) icons
+ icons must be new && made specifically for this challenge
+ all work is due thursday november 30th

only use the Collapse )

[x] mod note

so sorry everyone...i do realize that as a mod...i suck.
im going to continue the current challenge (creating a new default icon) for a month(ish) and then i will get back into the swing of things.
the next few weeks are going to be a little busy between papers to write and movies to watch

(ps, if you have a comm that i am a banner maker for then dont worry -- that's something that takes a couple minutes out of my week)

i will get the winners up for the last challenge in a couple days
thanks everyone!
stephen lynch - tough guy

[x] challenge 37

this challenge is your chance to create a new look for the community
...or at least a new default icon

use any image of broadway present past (or future) and create an icon. just make sure your icon says _bwayicontest_ on it. (and that it's legible)

each member may make up to five (5) icons AS MANY ICONS AS YOU WISH (since this challenge is going to be going on for a while) for this challenge
Due date: Thursday Sept 14th at 11:59PM EST Thursday October 20th