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Buy This Canada

For Canadian Sellers

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All Members , Moderated
1. Only post your add once per day. If you make a mistake, edit your post, don't just post it again.
2. Only clothing and clothing related posts allowed, but you can have other things for sale or listed in your add.
3. If you have more than one image, put it behind an lj cut.
4. Don't advertise other communities unless they are clothing related.
5. Do not disallow comments.
6. This is a community for Canadian sellers, but we will allow you to join if you are international and ship to Canada. If you are in international seller, include the price for shipping to Canada.
7. DO NOT make abnoxiously huge posts. You don't need to post your link 80 million times. If it stretches all the way across the window, it's too big. At least hit enter a few times, so the page stays clean.


экология, мода, технологии, россия