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_butnotlikethat is a LOTR RPS RPG created by jacqui_hw and giddy_london. It's a closed community, which means you can friend it, but will not be able to post anything to it apart from comments to our entries. (Because we're selfish and want to play by ourselves). We're playing it for our own amusement (and OMG are we amused by this) and posting it for the amusement of others. We've both decided this is quite a lot of fun despite the five hour time difference between us that means Jacqui stays up ridiculously late most nights.

This is what happens when jacqui_hw (Jacqui) is Billy and giddy_london (Laura) is Dom. Jacqui also plays Elijah most of the time, and Laura plays Orlando most of the time, though both of us have taken our turns with them as well as Sean, Viggo, and Ali. We pretty much have no idea what's going to happen here. We're making it up as we go. But there is angst. And sex. There may be fluff later. It's ongoing, so who knows...

New posts will be made every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Disclaimer: It's not real. It didn't happen. There is evidence that it didn't happen. We don't know these people. We mean no harm. We make no money from this. We have no idea what we're doing. And just so you're all warned, we'll give this RP an NC-17 rating. (Yeah, that's a promise!)