A Note to our Beloved _butnotlikethat Readers…

Dear Wonderful, Faithful Readers-

jacqui_hw and giddy_london regret to announce that the very last _butnotlikethat post will go up on Sunday, 23 October. It’s been a long, angst-filled journey, but our mission of getting Billy and Dom together has been accomplished. The boys have fought us kicking and screaming every step of the way, owing to their great stubbornness and stupidity, though they found each other in the end as we knew they would. Please tune in Sunday (just after midnight, EST, as usual) for the final update of _butnotlikethat.

Now for the good news- giddy_london and jacqui_hw are proud to present a lovely, shiny LOTR RPS RPG for your enjoyment! It’s all new, it’s AU, and you can find it over at badgersbahookie. Just a little something we cooked up while the1elf was visiting jacqui_hw… The userinfo is up and posting will begin soon. So go forth and friend and wait patiently for the first post! We hope to entertain you with badgersbahookie as we have with _butnotlikethat.

Also? If you haven’t been reading over at captaindom and painted_whiskey, you don’t know what you’re missing!