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_burningbright_'s Journal

burning bright
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come one come all of you burning bright fans!
talk about shows..or the band..or the music

im not gonna lay down 376591 rules but there are 5

1.keep it nice. no negativity. remember we are all entitled to our opinions
2.promoting other local bands and shows is fine. but promoting rating comms. or your new comm. (not band related) will not be tolerated. theres enough of that in other comms. and there is a specific comm. for that anyway
3.posting pictures? put it behind a cut to save everyones friend's page.
4.try to post relating to the band... but straying is accepted..just dont stray too far
5.this community is for fans of burning bright. dont bring shit here if you dont like them or have 'beef' with them. the drama shit isnt needed here. go somewhere else to start you bitching.

i am your moderator un_jo
if you wish to make graphics or what not go right ahead..credit will be given.