hmm what to do what to do..

ok so elena pointed out i didn't introduce bryan to you guys...i'm sorry he said he knew you guys so i thought you guys knew him i love you guys and i'm sorry. his name is bryan free, i call him forest because he smells like an air freshener....anyway he likes me like a lot and i told him i didn't want to date anyone until i graduated because of not being able to concentrate in school....but anyway i still love mikki but i'm starting to really like him so here are so pros and cons to get you guys to help me figure it all out...

never get to see her b/c she goes to college
her parents don't like me
when we talk on the phone all we do is argue
i love hanging out with her
i can be myself around her
i trust her
she says she trusts me but doesn't trust everyone else with me (?)

became good friends fast
understands me
family seems to like me
he is a country boy
don't know if he's always telling the truth
his friends check me out more than he does
all he wants to do is tell me that he likes me a lot

yeah i just don't know what to do...just let me know

love you guys byeeeeee
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ok this is pissin me off...this is a community as u can tell....BUT all of our entries are FRIENDS basically its a PRIVATE community for me and my 2 friends...melinda and elena...are you melinda or elena..NO ur not so please stop trying to join this is for us to let loose our anger of the world...not jus leave us alone!!!!

as u can tell the position of the bitch has been taken
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Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO TIRED OF THAT HILARY DUFF SONG!!! MAKE IT END!!! Every morning I hear that "Let the rain fall down" in her whiny voice and it gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Nobody is benefiting from it except her, it gets stuck in everyone's head and no one likes that song! Sorry if you do my fellow plastics, you know I still love you if you do. Argh...that's all I have to say.

P.S. She looks really stupid with that mask on for that Cinderella movie.
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