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[ Stay Out Of The Book ]

[ Do You Got What It Takes ]

[ Our Burn Book ]
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[ So Plastic ]

To become a member at the Burn Book you must apply and be accepted as a member at the tied community _SoPlastic_ if your allready a member go ahead and request membership i will accept your request and you will be in to do all the venting you like ^_^ Heres the link for those that need to apply.


[ The Burn Book ]

This is the extended part of the community _SoPlastic_.This is where those that tried to be plastic and failed will be listed (see below).

Also here is where the members of _SoPlastic_ can trash that stupid whore,that guy stealer,whatever it be.Celebrity,Friend,Enemy,Boyfriend,Ex.Boyfriend,Sibling,Parent,Teacher,Boss.Whatever it may be.Here's where you do it.Put the persons name as your subject and what it is (ie: Tiffany-Friend )The just write on at the end add a rank.

The Rank:
the rank system is a fraction of how bad the person is,you can rank them on being an asshole,whore or bitch.Thats it.so it would appear like this

I Rate The Person a 8/10 Asshole.You All Agree?

Then members can comment on it add things if they like and re-rate the person.

1-Lowest and 10-Highest


But make sure the person your trashing isnt allready in the burn book.if it is just add what you want to say in a comment to that entry.


Love Ya.

-The Plastics <3<3<3<3

[.The Plastics.]

[ Regina.George ]

[ Cady.Heron ]

[ Gretchen.Wieners ]

[ Karen.Smith ]

[.Other Characters.]

None-apply to become a Character

[ They Thought They Were So Plastic-They Weren't ]




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Great Community Love to See Many of Our Members There !