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summer! [11 May 2007|12:37am]

yes it's that time of year again! When we actually have time for ourselves! Kinda... Well, here's to the start of summer.

Wallpapers: PotC 3 + HeroCollapse )

junk artCollapse )
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we're living, yes [14 Feb 2007|06:35pm]


full size hereCollapse )
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updation: Junk [29 Nov 2005|08:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

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[10 Nov 2005|11:33pm]

It's been awhile but here we go!

[6] Mr. & Mrs. Smith
[4] Memoirs of a Geisha
[2] Clamp
[3] Samurai Champloo
[7] Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicles
[2] Misc.: Sisterhood of the Taveling Pants + Daniel Darandel
[3] Harry Potter w/ matching Friends Only banners

Ordinary AngelsCollapse )
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scans: Zhang ZiYi + Ayumi Hamasaki [23 Jul 2005|05:05pm]

O yes...i know i'm pushing it with my old scanner, but i got stuff to show!

x-posted to

Subject: Zhang ZiYi
Source: iLook vol. 84 June 2005
Sample: lookie

Subject: Ayumi Hamasaki
Source: My Story CD Jacket
Sample: lookie
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Snack [25 Jun 2005|07:58am]

I made these before i went on vacation...but didn't get a chance to make a post about them. There prolly won't be any new icons until the later half of July.

[4] Tsubasa
[2] Misc.

Warrior's SoundCollapse )
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junk update [15 Jun 2005|08:23pm]


There are also new icons uploaded here, but it's really messy and i'll make an proper update soon.
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[10 May 2005|08:45pm]

I opened up my manga folder...and indulged my fandoms. I spent so much work all of these, i'm all so very proud of most of them. ^^

O btw, icon makers check out this little tool, it's an icon post formatter! I used it to post this. :3

[1] Tsubasa Resivour Chronicle
[8] Bleach
[5] Song for Sapphire Star [one-shot by Oh!Great]
[6] Tenju Tenge

mic checkCollapse )
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[06 May 2005|05:56pm]

[1] Neon Genesis Eva
[1] FMA
[2] FMA/Tsubasa
[3] Tsubasa Resivour Chronicles
[4] Io: Art of Wired
[5] Photos

Well you don't know, what, we can findCollapse )
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[15 Apr 2005|11:35pm]


more junk
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[14 Apr 2005|07:34pm]

Whee~! We have affiliates~! Much <3 to avadaxkedavra and __easterngirl! Anyone else up for affiliation? :3

Tsubasa Reservior Cronicles [7]
Gundam Wing [1]
Naruto [1]
Misc [9]
Non-Anime [4]

Comment + Credit _bunniness!

you're on fire, burning these mysteriesCollapse )
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Resource Post [11 Apr 2005|08:22pm]

the Resource PostCollapse )
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piccie update [12 Mar 2005|08:25pm]

I finally uploaded some of the art that's been scanned lately. I've also started uploading them to another place since the site was denying me access. Clickie the link below:

junk original

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starry starry rose~ [07 Mar 2005|08:24pm]


edit: this was originally gonna be under a cut...but i typed the cut up wrong and it just looked too good with the layout :3
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all the little icons~ [05 Mar 2005|02:32pm]

Just a small batch this time :3

Halo [3]
the Bunny Comic [2]
Tenju Tenge [2]
Naruto [1]
Rurouni Kenshin [1]
Gundam Wing [1]
Misc [2]

i got soul but i'm not a soldierCollapse )

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[10 Feb 2005|08:51pm]

[4] Bleach
[4] Naruto
[5] Fullmetal Alchemist
[2] Hikki
[1] Chobits
[1] Sailor Moon
[7] Valentines
[2] WWII
[3] Misc.
[1] Base


30 rocks the spotCollapse )

[14,15] Base by always_lovin_u
[16] Basey by lionrose
[18, 19, 20] Base by absoluticandy
[21, 22, 23] Base by wonderland__
[24] Base by poisoned_skin
[25, 26] Base by icon_incentive
[27] Base by oppositeofyou
[28] Base by icons_by_faroh
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update: dump [16 Jan 2005|04:12pm]

[ mood | history papers = blah ]

the dump has been updated a few measley piccies...i actually scanned more, but those are not up for viewing yet :p

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welcome [07 Jan 2005|05:23pm]

Welcome to _bunniness, the .Bunniness LJ Community. Anyone who wonders here, feel free to spread the joy and monitor~! This is currently just an icon community...but that might change. :3

Today's Icons:
Hyung TaeKim - War of Genesis + Misc [2]
Sailor Moon [2]
Cardcaptor Sakura [1]
Tsubasa [4]

Grand OpeningCollapse )

Once again, Gi and Bunni welcomes you to .Bunniness~!
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